William Irwin

Darrtown and Somersville and Middletown, Ohio

(1820 - 1896)

William Irwin was the fifth son of Morton and Anna Crawford Irwin and he lived near Darrtown and Middletown, Ohio. I would like to post a photo and more about William Irwin here.

Here is what I know about William Irwin. The 1850 census shows him as age 30 and he and his brother Stephen owned a store named S&W Irwin in Darrtown. I do not know where all William lived but I know that an 1875 newspaper clipping reported the William Irwin of Middletown, OH recently visited his brothers of Fairfield, IN. The brothers would have been Thomas and Robert (my great grandfather).

In 1870, he was in Lemon Township, Butler County, Ohio with wife Jennie and one year old son, William.

The 1880 census for Middletown, Butler county showed William Irwin, age 60 working as a clerk in a shoe store. His wife's name was Jennie and she was age 48. Then as mentioned, William and Jennie were listed in the 1880 census, but there was no mention of a son, so I have assumed that son William died during the 1870's. Another notice appeared in 1881 telling that William had visited Fairfield.

On April 2, 1896, a newspaper clipping said that William Irwin of Somerville, OH who had been a lifelong cripple, had fallen and fractured his thigh. A week later, his brother, Thomas, received word that his brother had died.

I believe that his wife was Jeannette Eccles but I have not seen their marriage record. Jennie was listed as a widow, living in nearby Richmond, Indiana in the 1900 census. Jennie stated that she had had one child and one child was still living. So I have no idea where son William was in 1880 since he should have been 11 years old.

Jennie died in January 1907. A newspaper clipping on ancestry.com calls her Jennie Erwin and it says she would be buried at Middletown Cemetery (in Butler county) so assume that is where William must be.

NOTE: Watch out for mention of a William A. Irwin who married Ann Cornnel. He had been a tanner in Oxford, OH in partnership with James Crawford, brother of Anna Crawford (wife of Morton). For a long time, I thought that this William was the son of Morton. However, the 1850 census mentioned above proves that William, brother of Stephen, was not married in 1850. Butler County records show that the Irwin Cornnel marriage had already occurred in 1838. One would think that William A. Irwin must have been related to other Irwin's of Butler County, especially since he was in business with Anna Crawford Irwin's brother James Crawford.

If you descend from this William or if you have information about relationships between William Irwin and William A. Irwin, please contact me.

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