Lebanon, Red Willow County, Nebraska

Lebanon, Nebraska, is a small village in southeastern Red Willow County, Nebraska.

My great grandparents, Johann Diedrich and Helene (Hagens) Willers immigrated from Oldenburg, Germany and settled on a homestead near Lebanon in the late 1890's. It was there that their four children were born and raised. Below are some scans of scenes from Lebanon.

Here is a 1908 view of Lebanon taken from the north. The dirt road on the right is Main Street. Note the school and churches in the background as well as the big grain elevators. Click on the picture to see a much enlarged version for more detail.

Residence of E. E. Devoe. 1910.

The home of L. W. Robinson. To the right is an enlargement of the lady in the photo - we can assume it is Mrs. Robinson.

A real photo view of the home of L. R. Robinson. Dated 1909.

Looking north from depot.

This scan says "west side looking north from M. E. Church.

Here is a scan of the Lebanon Baseball team before a 1910 game at Marion. Click on the photo to see an enlargement.

Here is a great scan for the Wolf Hunt that was held on January 13, 1914. Click on the photo to see the scan enlarged into four views.

Lebanon school children. Click on the picture to see an enlargment of it and possible identities.

The above photo is labeled, "picture taken when I was in the 9th grade", so I estimate it is about 1914. Photo also says, "Teacher Prohazcka". Click on the picture to see an enlargement of it.

This is Lebanon High School. The boy center front is holding a ball marked, "LHS". I do not know the year, but will guess 1917 or 1918. To see an enlargement of the photo, click on it. Then be patient while it loads.

This must be a Lebanon Picnic. To see an enlargement of it, click on it.

This photo is labeled filling the silo. The men are identified simply as Charlie, Lloyd, and Milo.

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