McCashland Photos

Lebanon, Nebraska

My Grandmother, Anna Willers Saathoff and Gertie McCashland were apparently good friends. They exchanged photos for many years. Here are ones that are identified.

Back of card says:

Happy New Yor

From McCashland

for Willers

Betty McCashland Orvis identified them as:

l-r Chester R. McCashland, Francis Lloyd McCashland and Gertrude Belle McCashland. These were the children of Francis Wilder McCashland and Effie Case McCashland.

Gertie mailed this card from Sutton, Nebraska on November 12, 1914. She mailed it to Miss Anna Willers, Lebanon, Nebraska, and said, "Well, this is not a very good picture of us... Papa is starting to pick corn."

This is Gertrude and Francis Lloyd McCashland (age 14). The McCashlands lived at Sutton for three years.

l-r: Martha Willers, Anna Willers Saathoff, Gertie McCashland.

back of photo says "Klinkebiel":

Fern Mildred Klinkebiel, age 13 months

Charles Henry Klinkebiel, age 2 yrs 9 mo.

Miss Gertie McCashland and Miss Fern Larson.

Referring to the above photo, Betty McCashland Orvis wrote: Fern Larson's parents were Harry and Anna Larson. When Anna Larson died, Harry married Gertrude McCashland who was much younger than he was. Harry had 2 children at home, Fern and Fay (Bud) Larson when his first wife died.

Gertrude and Harry Larson then had one daughter, Rose.


Unidentified - "Compliments of your teacher?"

Betty McCashland Orvis was my contact on this line. In fact, I sent the originals of the McCashland photos to here. I recently learned that Betty passed away. Betty died Tuesday, November 18, 2003 at North Platte, NE. She had been born January 18, 1924, south of Lebanon, to Francis Lloyd and Elsie Gay McCashland. On July 24, 1941, she married George H. Orvis. Betty and George are buried at Lebanon Cemetery. Betty contributed a written history of Lebanon to the Universtiy of Nebraska County History Site.

If you can provide more information, please let me know.

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