William D. Marlow Family
William D. Marlow was born in Warren County, Indiana. (William Marlow's grave marker says that his birth date was 1824. In the 1880 Indiana census, William said he was age 48. In the 1870 census, he said he was 40. In the 1850 census, it said he was 18. These census records certainly cast doubt on the accuracy of the 1824 date.) It appears that William was the eighth child of George Marlow and first wife, Eada Meadows of Warren County, Indiana.

William and Nancy Jane Mullen were married June 25, 1854 in Warren County, Indiana. Nancy was born in 1831 also in Indiana. As mentioned, the Marlow family is found in both the 1870 and 1880 Indiana Census living in Benton County, Gilboa Township. 

Sometime after 1880, the family moved west to Kansas. We are not sure exactly when the family moved west. Many say it was between 1885 and 1890, but since their son, Daniel is buried in Caney, Kansas in 1883, it appears obvious that at least part of the family arrived earlier. It is also uncertain as to exactly where they lived. Family members said Caney, Kansas, which is in southwestern Montgomery County. That's probably where they lived at some point as their son, Daniel, is buried there. William and Nancy are buried in El Cado Cemetery, which is in southeastern Chautauqua County. Some have said that the family lived on the Indian Nation of Oklahoma. However, land records seem to prove that they lived near Jonesburg, Kansas most of the time. Not much of Jonesburg remains today. It is a couple of miles west of El Cado Cemetery.

Jonesburg, Kansas. Summer, 2001.

Based on land records and old maps this is our best estimate of where the Marlow's lived. Summer, 2001.

William and Nancy Marlow were parents of twelve known children:


Birth Date

Death Date



George Nelson

26 March 1856

28 February 1943

December 12, 1880

Sarah Eoline Stone

Mary Elizabeth

ca. 1854


May 5, 1878

Joseph Cahill

Edith Jane

7 July 1859

6 Dec 1951


December 23,1900

? Storm*

John Jolly





William Henry

7 January 1861

19 March 1935

ca 1883

Mahala Belle Neal

James L.

1 April 1865



Rebecca V. Stone


17 February 1863

27 Sept. 1883

bef. 27 Sept 1883

Linnie Darnall*

Ellenor E.

4 August 1869

6 December 1951

October 12, 1891

September 14, 1899

May 20, 1920

J. T. McMullen

Curtis Earl Howard*

Francis Marion Holtzclaw*

John Wesley

5 July 1872

15 September 1948

June 4, 1891

Mary Bowers Hauger

August M.

5 September,1876

12 December 1951

20 January 1900

Eva Lena Darnall

Louisa (Lula)

31 March 1874

25 April 1954


Kirk Smirl*

Lee Schaefer

? Kellog*


March 1880




References: 1870 and 1880 Indiana Census; 1900, 1910 and 1920 Missouri Census; Marlow family records;
* History of Chatauqua County, Kansas; Chatauqua County, Kansas Deed and Probate records; and information from * Margaret Ann McAfee Fox.

Grave of Daniel Marlow, Caney, Kansas. Summer, 2001.

Nancy Mullen Marlow died August 4, 1899 and William Marlow died August 23, 1900. They are buried in
El Cado Cemetery.

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