George N. Marlow Family
George Nelson Marlow was born on March 26, 1856 in Benton County, Indiana. His wife, Sarah Eoline Stone was born in January 18, 1860 also in Indiana. Sarah was the daughter of Joseph and Sarah Helen Lacey Stone.

George Marlow was still living with his parents in 1880 and was listed in the Indiana Census in Benton County, Gilboa Township. Very shortly after that, he must have married and he, his new wife, and parents moved to Kansas. They lived near Caney and Peru, Kansas until at least 1885. Then they moved to Missouri, living in Dade and Cedar Counties.

George and Sarah were the parents of seven known children:


Birth Date

Death Date



Myrtle H.

18 November 1881


John M. Polston


11 August 1888?*

15 March 1889?*


Joseph William

10 June 1885

11 October 1975

29 June 1906

Gertie Mable Polston


10 March

5 years




21 June

2 years



Della H.

24 June 1891



Wynn Keller

Maude C.

24 December 1896


20 August 1927

Earl McGee

*Nora died as an infant and is buried in Caney, Kansas Cemetery section B lot 102. Her grave marker is very worn and we are not sure of the death and birth year. We would have expected it to be between 1881 and 1885.

Seated is George Nelson Marlow and to his right is Sarah Eoline Stone Marlow. Standing l-r are Raymond (grandson), Della, Myrtle, and Maude. Photo is ca. 1916.

George and Sarah lived in the vicinity of Lockwood and Golden City for the rest of their lives. Sarah died December 24, 1921. George died February 28, 1943 in an automobile accident. They are buried at Pippinger (New Bethel) Cemetery northwest of Lockwood, Missouri.

George Nelson Marlow, Memorial Day, ca 1922

Memorial Day, 2002
Pippenger Cemetery

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