McReynolds family of Bronaugh

Moses Benjamin Franklin (B. F.) McReynolds was born November 17, 1851 in Martin County, Indiana. His parents were George Washington McReynolds and Maria Greene Bridges. B. F. owned the People's Bank of Bronaugh.

B. F. married Sarah Jane King ca. 1870. They were the parents of seven children:

  • Fred McReynolds, born 31 June 1871 in Worth County, MO
  • Ava McReynolds, born 18 Sep 1872 in Worth County, MO
  • Myrtle McReynolds, born ca. 1874-76. died as a child
  • Elmer McReynolds, born 20 Mar 1878 in Worth County, MO
  • Lola McReynolds, born Nov 1880 in Worth County, MO
  • Walter McReynolds, born March 1883 in Barton County, MO
  • Bertha McReynolds, born 10 Aug 1886 in Barton County, MO

Ava married Louis Biersmith

Elmer Married Minne Triplett

Lola married Boyd Hartman

Walter never married

Bertha married William Bales

Sarah Jane "Jennie" King McReynolds died 21 December 1891 and was buried at McKill Cemetery.

After his first wife died in 1891, B. F. married Mary Hoagland in Nevada, Vernon County, MO on December 29, 1892. She had been born in September 1872 in Indiana. B. F. and Mary were the parents of two children and lived at Bronaugh.:

  • Leona McReynolds was born 8 October 1893
  • Mamie McReynolds, was born in October 1894.

Leona McReynolds

Leona McReynolds was the valedictorian of Nevada High School in 1914. She married Arthur Kresse on 5 Nov 1915 in Johnson County, KS. Lucille Marshall wrote that "Both Aunt Leona and her husband were Baptist ministers. I believer that Aunt Leona was the first female minister ordained by William Jewell. The college is located in Liberty, MO. Uncle Dick later became a teacher in the K. C. MO schools. He taught English at Northeast High School in 1928.

Mamie McReynolds married Jerry Wilhite who later joined the bank with his father in law.



B. F. McReynolds died 4 September 1930 at Bronaugh. He was buried beside his first wife at McKill Cemetery. His obituary appeared in the Bronaugh Journal. It was also the same day that the People's Bank was in trouble - it was the great depression and banks were closing:

Sources: The information for this page came from materials purchased from the Bill and Juanita Bales estate in April 2009.

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