4th of July

Montevallo, Vernon County, Missouri

Here's a great photo of Montevallo's 4th of July celebration in 1910. At first glance, one assumes that this must be May Day, but the inscription on the back plainly says 4th of July. Someone named Esta tells Anny Potts that "you missed half your life by not being here - we just had the finest time". I believe that the building with the rail in the background is the Hotel.

Some identifications are listed for the young ladies. They are Lizzie Mann, Nellie Moffatt, Anna Gardner, ???, Helen Van, Anna Snyder, Lola Kikendoffer, Dolly Collins, Alice Cragg, ???, ???, Hettie Kokendoffer, Fannie Miller.


The old gentleman on the left is identified as Sam Baker. I hope someone can tell a bit more about Sam. I wonder what the star is for.


Photo from the Lyndon Irwin collection.

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