Moore School

Southeast of Moundville, Missouri

1931 or 32 

Moore was a one room school about 3 miles east of Moundville and a mile or so south. Thanks to Vic and Sharon (Fengler) Hinds, for sharing this photo. They found it among photos from Sharon's dad (Ed Fengler). It is of students at Moore in the early 30's.

Vic and Sharon got help from George Kuhlman to ID some of the kids. They agree that 1st row left is Fred Kuhlman, Art Mische, the dark boy in middleFoster Crosby, the dark girl second from left back row Loraine Crosby. Second from right middle row Edith Mische. The girl on far right is Sharon's aunt Clara Fengler (Ingles).

If anyone can identify any others, we would like to add that information. Just

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