Moundville IOOF

Moundville was proud of its new IOOF (International Order of the Oddfellows) Building about 1909. However, the frame building burned along with most of main street in the 1910 fire.

Thanks to Janice Baker for sharing this image.

The photo below shows Moundville men in front of the bricks to be used in construction of the new IOOF Hall in 1910. The small sign on the left tells that Miss Cleora Butterfield would be laying the first brick as construction began. The lower two scans are to show the faces of the men. Hopefully, we can identify some or all of them. The scans below are shared by Lindell Haverstic.

Here is a scan of the Moundville IOOF building that was built after the big fire in 1910.

Thanks to Janice Baker for sharing this scan


Contact us if you know more about Moundville's IOOF or can identify anyone.

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