Cooper College

Here is a scan of Cooper College in 1905 (however another scan of this image is marked 1902-1903) shared by Lindell Haverstic.


A copy of this photo in the Folks/Fitzgerald family (thanks to Janice Baker) lists these names: ???ma ???is, Elva Co?????, Gretchen Starr, Clyde Younger, Glen Mathews, Willie Caton, Lottie Whitworth, Mae McGlauthen, Lola Klontz, Lona Smith, Mae Rich, Marguerite Burnett, Tena Folks, Pearl Funk, Bessie McCammon, Myrtle Martin, ????y Alexander, Tena Colson, Ada Myers, Wallace Mathews, Ethel Brown, Willie Garton, Ivan Myers, Alfred Garton, Thurmond Hope, Thomas McGlyn, Jessie Ogden, Joe Sheridan, Floyd Ellis, Charley Folks, Lorelle Baughn, Flora Caton, Clestine McDonald, Hattie Smith, Willa Davis.

Unfortunately, the names appear to be in somewhat random order.

The teacher on the right is Professor Miles. The two boys on the front row are his sons, Herman and Manley Miles.

In November 2011, Nancy Thompson visited with Mrs. Emery who had another copy of this image and makes the following additions / corrections:

The scans below are to show the faces of the students more clearly.

Third girl from the left appears to be Clestine McDonald.

One copy of this photo that I have seen lists D. H. Hope as the tallest boy in the back (in the doorway). However, when I look at the Folks family listing of names it only lists Thurmond Hope as being in the picture. So is D. H. really Thurmond? The two boys back row right (to the rightof the doorway) are Willie Caton and Jessie Ogden. Professor Miles is front right. The boy, front row, second from the left appears to be Alfred Garton.

Contact us if you know more about the students or can identify anyone else.

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