Moundville, Missouri 1860 - 1910

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The book, Moundville, Missouri 1860 - 1910 arrived from the publisher in June 2006. Any time, old references are used, there may be errors that need correcting. Also, when a book is published, other information is sometimes shared by descendants. Therefore, this web page is kept, to serve as an addendum to the book.

Addendum / Correction

Betsy Scott submitted information about the Lewis Jones family who were among the earliest Moundville pioneers. Information is added on the Jones page.


Donna Pearson Price wrote regarding the 1911 Vernon County History's biography of T. L. Ashbaugh. She says, "T.L. and his siblings were the 6th generation (not 3rd generation) of Ashbaughs from the immigration of Heinrich in 1738, according to my Ashbaugh research guide, which was done in 1963 by an Ashbaugh descendent, Louis Duermeyer."


Dennis Ward has a copy of the photo of the play cast identified. It also verifies that the play was held in the hall above Ashbaugh's Store rather than at Cooper College.


Dennis Ward also shared photos of his Ward, Jones and Powell ancestors as well as some from Cooper College and the Methodist Church.

We have added photos of murder victim Mary Ella Wray and her family.


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