The Big Fire - Downtown

Moundville, Missouri

In 1887, a major fire destroyed several buildings in downtown Moundville. In March 1910, a similar fire occurred destroying virtually all of main street. Here is a view of the fire scene from the north. For awhile we thought these photos might be from the 1887, but I'm sure that these are 1910. Why? - there would not have been any telephone poles in 1887.

Thanks to Pat O'Toole Chrisenbery and Lindell Haverstic for sharing this photo.

Click on the buildings close up views of them.

Click here to see another view of the fire from a different angle.

Marion Shrimplin shared the following small photo and wrote, " I believe it is looking south from the North end of Main street. I think where the smoke is still smoldering is where the Lumber Co stood. South of it would be MWA hall (Mathew's General Store). Across the street south of it would be the building that housed Hammond's Hardware and the ME church hall was upstairs. The house standing on the left of the picture is the Hobson House and then later Hike Daugherty lived there."

Below is an enlargement of the main part of the photo.

Thanks to Marion Shrimplin for sharing this photo.


Here is another view that I found in summer 2010:

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