Historic Homes

Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri

Residence of A. B. Cockerill, owner of Cockerill Smelters, was located on the corner of Austin and College.

Damon Waring has a great series of web pages that give much more information about his ancestor, A. B. (Almond Boswell) Cockerill plus a lot of other great Nevada information. Be sure to take a look.

Brianne Hoppe writes that the A.B. Cockerill mansion is the same building as the Vernon Sanitarium. That same building was later sold to the P.E.O. Sisterhood and became a Cottey residence hall, until it burned down ca.1940.

The Hildebrant Mansion was located at 823 N. Washington Street.

Residence of W. T. Ballagh, well known pharmacy owner, was located on West Cherry Street. Mrs. Ballagh was injured in the 1904 Train wreck.

This is a 1914 photo of the residence of Mrs. John T. Birdseye.

This photo was mailed from Nevada to Miss Tillie Kappel of St. Louis, MO in 1908 from her sister Clara. Dewey Morris suggests that this house was located at 305 E Central.

Sometimes, Nevada folks didn't live in a fancy house. Click on the tent for the story.

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