Cabinet Cards from

Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri

Cabinet cards were high quality photographs mounted on cardboard. Most are from the 1890's era and are therefore older than the postcards that we have on this site. There were several photographic studios in Nevada during that time. We have several Nevada cabinet cards that are mostly unidentified. Some of them are rather intriguing however, so we are posting them here. Hopefully someone will recognize the person or scene. I've also added a few identified photos that are of interest for one reason or another.

Above is one of the most interesting cabinet cards. I have no idea who she is or what the occasion may have been. Because this card is so unusual, I have made an enlargement of her face. Click here if you want to see a better view. If you have any ideas, let me know and I'll post it here.

The above children are unidentified. I do know that this photo was sent to the Wylie family in Kentucky and that the children are not from the Baugh or Rogers families.

The above photo shows Vernon County Sheriff Ben Baugh and his four children. Mrs. Baugh in this photo is his second (maybe third) wife, Florence Wylie. Click here for more information on the Baugh's of Vernon County.

The above photo has the same story as the one above. It was sent to the Wylies near Paint Lick Kentucky. On the back, in fountain pen, is the name Florence. It appears to be a wedding photo but the man obviously is not Ben Baugh. Click here for enlargements of their faces.

This is Mrs. Ben (Florence) Baugh. I included this photo because of her hat.

Below are some cabinet cards that I have purchased. None are identified. If you see someone that you can identify, let me know and I will add that information.

The image to the right was taken by Harter and Swan's North Side Gallery in Nevada. You will note that this one is identified as Aunt Lill Sewell.

The photo below came from a Nevada auiction but is not a true cabinet card. It is a larger photo mounted on cardboard. I am including it here because the card is identified. This is Clayton Greenstreet, taken in 1909. Clayton was the son of Tandy Greenstreet and his wife Samantha Seward or Soward. The family appears in the 1910 Nevada Census but by 1920, Clayton's parents were divorced. Clayton Greenstreet is buried near his mother in Deerfield Cemetery (July 12, 1908 to January 27, 1920).

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