The New Family


Walter L. New

 My grandfather and grandmother, Walter Lee New and Elsie Mae Mateer were married in Iowa on March 4, 1919. Elsie was the daughter of Joseph Wilkins Mateer and Malana Jane Miller.

Wedding picure of Walter Lee and Elsie Mae Mateer New


Elsie and Walter, holding Kenneth.

Walter and Elsie were the parents of two sons and five daughters. The children are: Kenneth E. New, Blanche Opal New, Edna Mae New, Howard Lee New, Martha Leone New, Lydia Joe (Joan) New, and Lela Jane New. The first two children were born in Iowa.The family lived in several small communities in eastern Kansas and western Missouri.

Walter Lee holding Lydia Joe (Joan), Elsie Mae holding Lela Jane

L to R: Martha Leone, Howard Lee, Kenneth E., and Edna Mae

One such community was Bronaugh, Missouri. There they lived in a three-story home called the Brubaker House. This home had previously been owned by the well known banker, C. Brubaker. This home is no longer standing. It burned during the 1970's.

Walter New had a store in Bronaugh during the late 1940's. Here is an ad from the Bronaugh Journal in 1948:

Also, near this community, the New family moved to a neighboring ranch during the Great Depression where Walter was a shepherd. This ranch eventually became a part of the Bushwacker Wildlife Area.

Blanche Opal New died 3 Sept. 1925 from a possible reptured appendix. She is buried in Burford Cemetery, Harrisonville, MO with a memorial stone in Liberal Cemetery, Liberal, MO.

Kenneth E. New was killed during World War II. He was a left-handed machine gunner. He is buried in Newton Cemetery, Nevada, MO.

Walter was killed in a train-truck collision in Kansas City, KS. Walter was driving a gravel truck loaded with sand. He was able to get over the tracks, but the train clipped the back of the truck. The sand spilled through the back window crushing Walter against the steering wheel. He died in the hospital in Kansas City, KS. He is buried in Liberal Cemetery, Liberal, MO.

Elsie died less than a year later on October 4, 1958. She died during gall-bladder surgery from a heart attack in Garnett, KS. She is buried beside Walter in the Liberal Cemetery.

Lydia Joe (Joan) died in 1997 from injuries sustained in an auto accident involving a drunk driver near Prescott, KS.


Charles Burr New and Jane Elizabeth Beaman (my Great Grandparents) generally lived in Bates and Cass Counties in Missouri or around Mound City, Kansas. They are buried in Burford Cemetery, five miles southwest of Harrisonville, MO.

Charles B. and Jane E. Beaman New

They were the parents of nine children, six of whom preceded them in death. Here is the information on the six known children.

Vella P.

27 Mar 1891

Bates Co,MO

13 Mar 1912

Clinton, Sheridan, Neb

30 Mar 1911

Wilford Scott


Mar 1893


Charley Claude

Mar 1895

13 Oct 1936


Jan 18, 1897

Walter Lee

30 Jan 1899

Mound City, Linn, KS

30 Nov 1957

Kansas City, KS

4 Mar 1919


Elsie Mae Mateer

Hugh B.


infant daughter

infant daughter

Guy Manson



Vella P. (age 18) and Boyd (age 16) New


Charles W. New (my Great Great Grandfather) was born about 1830 in Illinois. He married Cynthia Ann Hamilton. Cynthia was born about 1833 in Illinois. They were the parents of four children all born in Winchester, Scott County, Illinois.



abt 1853


abt 1857


May, 1860

Charles Burr

9 Oct 1866

Winchester, Scott Co, ILL

30 Mar 1938

Rich Hill, Bates Co, MO

26 Jan 1890

Jane Elizabeth Beaman


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