The Patterson's of

Paint Lick, Garrard County, Kentucky

One of the pioneer families of Garrard County, Kentucky was the Patterson family. Revolutionary War Patriots, John and William Patterson came to the Paint Lick area from North Carolina.

John Patterson and his wife, Elizabeth Wells, were the parents of five known children:


birth date

marriage date


death date

Hannah Patterson

abt 1774

January 10, 1797

Alexander Wylie

Margaret Patterson

June 18, 1776



Ann Patterson

December 19, 1778

July 19, 1804

Samuel Patterson

May 2, 1847

John Patterson Jr.

August 7, 1781

March 28, 1809

Rhoda A. Blackburn

December 5, 1850

Elizabeth Patterson

abt. 1782

John Blackburn

abt 1867

Here are the children of Samuel and Ann (Patterson) Patterson:


Birth Date

Marriage Date


Death Date

Margaret A. Patterson

Nancy Patterson

November 24, 1843

William Killison

Elizabeth Patterson

abt 1807

February 18, 1828

David Johnson

aft 1870

Peggy Patterson

abt 1810

Joel (Jack) Patterson

abt 1812

William Patterson

abt 1815

Here are the children of John and Rhoda Ann Blackburn Patterson Jr.


Birth Date

Marriage Date


Death Date

James Patterson

April 20, 1810

September 10, 1840, November 26, 1846

Margaret K. Leavell, Elizabeth Wooley


Celia Patterson

July 15, 1811


Flavius J. Conn

January 13, 1901

Sally L. Patterson

February 24, 1813

October 13, 1835

Harvy Wylie

February 10, 1893

Jalia Ann Patterson

March 25, 1815

December 12, 1839

Benjamin D. Boatright

April 4, 1884

Allen Patterson

April 23, 1817

Miriam Fitzpatrick

July 5, 1881

Permelia A. Patterson

October 4, 1819

December 18, 1843

James Gates

May 14, 1868

John D. Patterson

May 27, 1822

May 27, 1870

Elizabeth Patterson

December 16, 1826

November 4, 1845

David J. Wylie

June 18, 1897

Asa Patterson

June 4, 1828

May 12, 1883

Rhoda Ann Patterson

June 29, 1830

December 11, 1854

John W. Baugh

Nancy Jane Patterson

March 17, 1833

Margaret H. Patterson

January 5, 1836

Elihu Parks

August 17, 1901

Here are 3 photos of the Patterson's mentioned in the above chart. Copies of the photos were given to me in 1990 by Charlene Smith.

James Patterson
David J. and Elizabeth Patterson Wylie
Asa Patterson

Patterson Cemetery is located 3 miles southeast of the village of Paint Lick, Kentucky. I have visited the cemetery three times. I met Sadie Kuhlman who was a local historian who had recorded as much information from the stones as she could find.

To get directions and to view a list of burials, click here.

During my visits to Patterson Cemetery, I photographed much of it to supplement Sadie's cemetery records. To see the Patterson Cemetery photos, click here.

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