Ragtown School

Southwest of Moundville, Missouri

1928 or 1929


Thanks to Patty Armsworthy Clinton and her mother, Thelma Gulliford Armsworthy, for sharing this photo. This is one of the best photos that I have seen. It really scanned clear. Donna J. Price identifies the teacher as her grandmother, Pauline Bebe McDonald Whitworth.

Edward Wortman, Hazel Couch, Arlie Wehmeyer

Wallace Shaw, Viola Couch, Tom Shaw

Bernard Shaw, Herschel Gregg, Hazel Shaw, Thelma Gulliford

Mary Gulliford, Hattie May Shaw, Virgie Selim, Charlie Wortman

I would imagine that there is an interesting story behind the mud on some children!


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