Early Bronaugh Residents

The Reynolds Family

One of the earliest families in southwest Vernon County was the Reynolds family. Heavisides Cemetery was once called Reynolds and this is where the earliest Reynolds burials occurred. The family of John Reynolds was listed in the 1860 Vernon County census in Harrison Township. The census says that he lived near Wheeling - Wheeling was a "town" south of Garland, Kansas but in Missouri - that no longer exists:

The Vernon County History tells that John Reynolds was one of the few Union sympathizers prior to the Civil War. That was undoubtedly a dangerous situation since so many in that part of Missouri were in favor of secession. The county history also tells that Reynolds had come to Vernon County from Maryland in the fall of 1856. It also confirms the danger of being a union sympathizer because John Reynolds was killed in the fall of 1864 by some of General Sterling Price's raiders. Here is how the county history described it:

"John Reynolds, another gray-haired old Union man, was murdered at his home a little north of the West Fork (section 8), on the 27th (grave marker says 23rd) of October, 1864, during Gen. Price's raid. Three rebel raiders rode up to his door, called him out and mercilessly shot him to death in the presence of his family. Reynolds was past 60 and had never been in the militia service. He was a Marylander and a staunch Unionist. It was believed that he was killed by former citizens of the county."

One of the few marriages that is recorded in southwest Vernon County before 1870 was that of R. W. Heavisides who married Mrs. Sophia Reynolds. The marriage took place on November 15, 1868, and was performed by Justice of the Peace, B. E. Hummell. (since she is referred to as Mrs. Sophia Reynolds, we might guess that she was the widow of John Reynolds, although most likely a second wife).

Nancy Thompson shared a couple of photos of the old Reyuolds stone house before it was bulldozed. She said it was amazing to stand on the stoop and think about John Reynolds having been shot down during the Civil War right there where she was standing. Nancy notes that the cellar entrance is slightly visible at the back edge of the house. She also notes that the house stood just east of the cemetery.

The front of the house from the southwest.

The front of the house from the northwest.

Below are grave markers for John Reynolds and his son Lewis Reynolds in Heavisides Cemetery which was formerly called Reynolds Cemetery. Buried beside John are Sophia Heavisides (1832 - 1928) and her second husband, Robert Heavisides who died August 29, 1898 at age 62. Sophia's 1832 birth year does not match up with her age being 33 in the 1860 census. Note: The 1910 Harrison Township census shows Sophia as a widow living with her nephew and family - Thomas Heavisides. In that census, Sophia, age 77 stated that she had had no children. Sophia lived a long life. She died June 21, 1928 at the age of 96. Her death certificate gives her birth date as December 25, 1831 and lists her father as J. Kehler. Her nephew, Thomas Heavisides, was listed as the informant.


John Reynolds died October 23, 1864, aged 62 years

Lewis Reynolds died January 2, 1876, aged 37 years

The gps coordinates for Reynolds / Heavisides cemetery are: N 37° 43.219 W 094° 34.335

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