Saathoff Home - Charlotte, Illinois

Here is an enlargement of the Saathoff family at home. Here are Jann (John) and Seetje (Sadie) Saathoff with three sons and several family visitors. The three sons were Ben, Albert and Frank. Eldest son, John, may have already gone to Missouri by the time this photo was taken.

Identities are left to right:

John Kruse, Albert Saathoff (with baritone horn), Frank Saathoff (with trumpet), 2 Kruses in buggy, Ed (Eilt) Post (with hat), 2 Voss's, Anna Voss Saathoff, Seetje Saathoff holding Otto Saathoff, Ben Saathoff, and Jann Saathoff.

The picture must have been taken in the fall of 1895 because baby Otto Saathoff had been born in February of that year,

Then I re-scanned parts of the photos to show some close-ups:

Jann Saathoff

Sadie (Seetje) Lienemann Saathoff holding grandchild, Otto Saathoff

Albert Saathoff

Frank Saathoff

John Kruse

Eilt (Ed) Post

2 Voss's with Anna Voss Saathoff on right

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Thanks to my cousin, Maxine Haase Stephens for sharing this photo.