Albert Saathoff Family at home - Moundville, Missouri

Here is an enlargement of the Albert Saathoff family at home northwest of Moundville.

Identities are left to right:

George Saathoff, Harry Heeren, Anna Brunken Saathoff, Alma Saathoff, Albert Saathoff, Frank Saathoff, John G. Saathoff.

Albert and Anna Saathoff left Chatsworth, Illinois around 1898 and came to Moundville. Their oldest son, John G. was born in this house in January, 1899. The other children were born here too. Sometime after 1910, the family moved to a farm east of Bronaugh (a move of about 8 miles). The Moundville farm was then sold to Mr. and Mrs. Ed (Eilt) Post. Ed was a very good friend of Albert Saathoff. This house was one mile east of Welborn Cemetery and was vacant for many years before it was torn down in about 1997.

I re-scanned parts of the photos to show some close-ups:

Anna, Alma, and Albert Saathoff
John G. Saathoff
George Saathoff
Frank Saathoff

Harry Herren (left) was the family's hired hand. He is buried in the Saathoff family plot at Welborn Cemetery, Moundville, MO (under the peony).



The photo to the right was taken by Otto Saathoff.

Back Row: John G. and George

Front Row: Frank and Alma

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