Frank Saathoff Family of

Charlotte, Illinois

Frank and Gertie Haase Saathoff

Bob Saathoff shared this photo and wrote:

This is a shot of the original home that was on the Saathoff farm one mile east of the town of Charlotte. It burned to the ground sometime in the 30's. Dad said it was a chimney fire during the night. In the photo is my Grandfather and grandmother (Frank and Gertie) plus Sadie, Marie, Jack and Ben. This photo must have must have been 1915 or so.

Bob Saathoff also shared this later photo of the Frank Saathoff Family. He estimates that the photo was taken in 1936. Bob also notes that Albert is in the photo and he was killed in a farm accident in 1944 while George was in Europe.

Back row, left to right; George, Ben, Annetta, Albert and Jack Saathoff.

Front row, left to right; Sadie, Grandpa (Frank), Grandma (Gertie), Marie Saathoff.

There was also a Frankie, but he died at age six or seven.

Here is another photo shared by Bob Saathoff. This one was taken ca. 1926 of three sons of Frank Saathoff. It includes Bob's Uncle Al on the left, his Dad (George), and his Uncle Ben.

Below, seated are Frank and Margaretha Beckman Haase, parents of Gertie.

Standing are Alma Saathoff Haase (daughter of Albert Saathoff (Frank's Brother) who had married George Haase, son of Frank and Margaretha), Anna Wyckoff, Viola Johnson, Gertie Haase Saathoff, Minnie Sterrenberg, Lena Johnson

Identifications by Annetta Saathoff Galloway via Bob Saathoff. Thanks to Bob for the scan.

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