Assorted Saathoff Scans

Here are some photos from the Saathoff family that we are trying to identify.

At the Bluffs.

On the front left possibly Grace Saathoff. Ina Saathoff is in the center. Front right is unknown.

Probably Otto Saathoff on back row left. Ernest Bollinger in the back center and John F. Saathoff is on back right.


We don't know who these are.

The one on the right might be Ina Saathoff, but no proof.

The back of the photo lists identities.

On right is Anna Brunken Saathoff (widow of Albert) and next to her is Anna Niemeyer Saathoff (widow of John). Then continuing l - r, Joe Beck, Anna Willers Saathoff, Hank Saathoff (back row), John G. Saathoff, Evelyn Saathoff , Al Saathoff and wife, Dorothy, Elmer Saathoff, Nancy Garrett Saathoff holding baby Albert Saathoff, and George Saathoff.

The back of the photo actually lists Al Saathoff as "Marion" Saathoff. However, Annetta Saathoff Galloway recognizes her brother Al and wife Dorothy (Tate). Al was burned by a horse tank heater and died at age 31 on January 2, 1945.

Evelyn Saathoff Irwin remembers when this photo was taken at the home of Hank Saathoff near Bronaugh. She thinks that Al and Dorothy were visiting from Illinois and may have been on their honeymoon which would place the photo in 1938.

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