Totten School

Southwest of Moundville in Harrison Township

Totten School was located southwest of Moundville about half way between Moundville and Garland, KS. Here are two great photos of Totten School students. Most have been identified. Thanks to Lindell Haverstic for sharing these photos.  

Slate says October 12, 1921.

Back row: Leland Holman, Florence Harkreader, Gladys Ripley, Harold Martin, Raymond Griffiths, Brooksie Thompson (teacher), Hattie Martin, Dewey Harkreader, Faye Martin and Ruby Martin.

Middle row: Ervie Cullison, Eleanor Ripley, Bernard Hupens, Wilma Clark, Hallie Swartz, Dana Clark, Clinton Ripley, Merle Griffith, Pauline Todd.

Front row: Kenneth Quigley, Neil Thompson, Hester Holman, Floyd Cullison, Vina Clark, John D. Funk, unknown, Birdie Swartz, Lloyd Cullison.

Totten School, 1928

Back row: Teacher ?, Lloyd Cullison, John D. Funk, Bernard Hupens, Howard Couch, Lee Besley, Kenneth Quigley, Thelma Couch, Blanche Bales, Floyd Cullison, Clinton Ripley and Edgar Beasley.

Middow row: Helen Funk, Pansy Clark, Alice Cullison, Helen Hupens, Vina Clark, Marie Hope, Mable Hope, Erma Funk, Ruby Clark, Florence Beasley, Helen Quigley, Lillie Beasley.

Front row: Wilma Couch, Marie Hupens, unknown, Billy Bales, Herschel Clark, Maurice Ripley, Herman Clark, Victor Funk, Jim Beasley, Terry Trout.

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