World's Fair Train Wreck

Kansas Scenes



As I researched the World's Fair Train Wreck, I accumulated many photos and stories. Some of the photos were included in the book, but there was not room for some of them. This page includes small scans of many of these photos with some general information.

Young Bruce McIlhaney and his father, Dr. Henry McIlhaney, lived in Kingman, Kansas, in this large home. Kingman residents agreed that the house carried a curse.

Bruce joined his father on the train at Conway Springs.

The Kingman Depot.

The train headed east curving up and around the town of Dexter.

Several Dexter families boarded the train to go to the fair. They included the Darst, Esch and other families.

William Darst was a large land owner whose land was just west of Dexter.

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