Wylie of Paint Lick

Harvey Wylie was born February 12, 1809, in Garrard County, Kentucky. His wife, Ruth Ann Champ was born May 1, 1812 to William and Hannah Daughterty Champ. Harvey and Ruth Ann married February 2, 1835 in Madison County, Kentucky.

Harvey and Ruth Ann Champ Wylie. Thanks to Tillie Thomas for the photo.

They lived in Garrard County near Paint Lick. Harvey died July 19, 1885, and Ruth Ann, on January 28, 1898. They are buried at Manse Cemetery, west of Paint Lick.

The children of Harvey and Ruth Ann were:

Birth Date
Marriage Date
Death Date

Eliza J. Wylie

January 24, 1836


John Ralston

May 18, 1918

Salem Wallace Wylie

May 23, 1837

January 4, 1859

Sedonia F. Johnson

May 3, 1919

Margaret E. Wylie

February 10, 1839

June 29, 1859

James H. Bassett

August 17, 1909

Martha A. Wylie

September, 1840


James Dorrell

March 25, 1928

Mary Catherine Wylie

Abt 1842

October 22, 1863

Jesse T. Roberts

October 9, 1930

Louisa F. Wylie

August 10, 1844

February 8, 1866

John W. Boatright

January 26, 1915

William F. Wylie

September 14, 1846


Fannie Moore

December 6, 1903

John L. Wylie

January 4, 1849


Nannie Kindred, Ila Fish


Sarah E. Wylie

February 17, 1851


Thomas Ballard


Henry B. C. Wylie

September 3, 1853


Martha A. Baker


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