Wylie / Boatright of Paint Lick

Louisa F. Wylie was a daughter of Harvey and Ruth Ann Champ Wylie.

Louisa F. (Wylie) and John Waller Boatright thanks to Dennis Boatright

John Waller Boatright was born April 3, 1843, and was the son of Benjamin Daniel Boatright and Jalia Ann Patterson. Jalia Ann was the daughter of John and Rhoda Patterson. J. W. Boatright died January 8, 1913, in Morrison, Noble Co., OK. J.W. and Louisa were the parents of nine children: Rodney Smith Boatright, Morris Harvey Boatright, Sallie Ann Boatright, Lucy Ellen Boatright, Elizabeth Boatright, John Waller Boatright, Emmett Wylie Boatright, Robert Guy Boatright, and Wade H. Boatright.

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