David Wylie of

Paint Lick, Kentucky and

Collin County, Texas

David Wylie was a son of John and Sarah McWilliams Wylie and a brother of Harvey Wylie. David was born in 1802 in Garrard County, Kentucky, and died after 1860 in probably in Texas. He married Jemima Emma Thompson April 7, 1825 in Madison County, Kentucky (Source: Marriage Book 1 page 151 Madison County KY Courthouse.). She was born 1808 in Kentucky, and died after 1860 Probably inTexas.

Children of David Wylie and Jemima Thompson are:

i. JESSE WYLIE, b. 1828, Garrard County, Kentucky; d. December 1859, Collin County, Texas.

ii. SARAH J WYLIE, b. 1828, Garrard County, Kentucky; m. BOLDOCK ???.

iii. JAMES HARVEY WYLIE, b. 1831, Garrard County, Kentucky; m. MARY JANE OGLESBY, August 13, 1851, Garrard County,Kentucky.


v. JOHN W WYLIE, b. 1837, KENTUCKY; d. March 29, 1870, TEXAS.

vi. ARTHIMA WYLIE, b. 1839, Kentucky; m. JESSE-T DODSON-DOTSON; b. 1837, Illinois.

vii. ALMIRA WYLIE, b. 1841, KENTUCKY; d. October 1859, Collin County, Texas. Cause of Death: typhoid fever

viii. POLLY ANN-PERMELIA WYLIE, b. 1844, Garrard County, Kentucky.


x. SIMPSON WYLIE, b. 1849, Garrard County, Kentucky.

xi. JEMIMA C WYLIE, b. 1852, Garrard County, Kentucky.

Here is George Oscar Wylie who was born March 13, 1885 in Franklin,Co.,Ky, son of John Wylie and Nancy M. Tuggle. John as a son of Jesse Wylie. George died November 18, 1945 in Franklin,Co.,Ky. He married Ola B. Bramblett June 30, 1909 in Franklin County, Kentucky, daughter of Marcellus Bramblett and Lucy Jane Green. She was born May 22, 1889 in Franklin,Co.,Ky, and died July 29, 1964 in Franklin,Co.,Ky.


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