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1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair

Agricultural Education at the Fair

A school of feeding and breeding was held on the grounds of the St. Louis World’s Fair from September 12 to September 24, 1904 and from October 3 to October 10, 1904.

Twenty-five students were engaged in the daily process of judging corn, wheat, oats, and other grains, demonstrating what students in agricultural colleges  were learning in 1904.  There was also a full demonstration of the methods used by expert plant breeders at that time.  Such methods were used to show improved kinds of grain and the chemical investigations in the improvement of the quality of wheat and corn.

Cattle, sheep, and hogs were fed different rations to show the effects of the rations upon the quality of the carcass.  Animals were also exhibited to show the differences in the breeding of animals.  A slaughtering trial was held to show farmers the differences in the quality and breeding of the animals.  Steaks and roasts from these animals were cooked and compared to show the differences in the quality of the meat that rations and improved breeding could contribute to a herd. 

Dairy cows from a number of different experiment stations were on display to show the best and the worst in the herds.  Only cows with official records of three or more years of loss or gain were exhibited.  Other interesting facts were posted beside the stalls of the stock for all to see.  This exhibit gave stockmen an opportunity to study the good types and bad types of dairy cattle.

It was claimed that only the best institutions and men were invited to present the data to the visiting public.  The different programs that were offered were free to all of those that chose to attend.  The sessions were arranged to coincide with the general livestock show so that the farmers and stockmen could take advantage of all the information that could be attained from the fair.

Reference: Farmer and Stockman, September 8, 1904.

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