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The Agriculture Palace.
Agricultural Events at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair

Welcome to the World's Fair Agriculture Web site. This is the place to share information about the many Agricultural events from the 1904 World's Fair. We will take a look at the displays in the Agriculture Palace and the livestock events that took place in the Livestock Forum.

World's Fairs were especially popular with rural people. The Fairs were the primary means to learn of the newest agricultural products and technologies. Major livestock exhibitions were held throughout the fair. This gave fair visitors the opportunity to see the newest breeds and the best animals within those breeds.

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The Agriculture Palace
Of the huge palaces built for the World's Fair, the Palace of Agriculture was the largest. It was 500 by 1600 feet in size. This means that this building covered more than 18 acres.

The Livestock Forum
The livestock shows were held in the Livestock Forum south of the Agriculture Palace. Most shows were held during the fall.

Take a look at some maps that show the location of the Agriculture Palace, the Horticulture Palace, the Livestock Forum and the Floral Clock.

The World's Fair Agricultural Staff was assembled from many midwestern states.

Agricultural Extension Displays from various state universities provided practical agricultural information.

Agricultural Education Demonstrations were held to demonstrate teaching techniques and information relating to agriculture.

The Dairy Barn Rules were not that different from shows today.

The Cream Separator competition featured some well known companies.

 Dairy Shows
Take a look at prize winning dairy bulls shown in 1904.

Beef Shows 
Beef Cattle from all over North America were brought to St. Louis to be shown during the fall of 1904.

The Milking Competition was held during the summer so that fair visitors could compare the breeds of cattle.

A famous visitor who happened to be a Cow.

The Floral Clock is one of the most memorable features of the 1904 Fair.

Apple Day used train car loads of apples.

 Poultry Show Rules.  Thousands of chickens were exhibited at the fair, as were incubators, brooders and other "modern" equipment.

The Hereford Cattle Auction was one of the first cattle auctions held at the fair.  See a list of animals that sold.

Horse Shows
Take a look at prize winning horses shown in 1904.

Windmill Hill was located near the Palace of Agriculture.

The Sheep Shows featured over 2000 sheep.

The Swine (Pig) Shows also brought over 2000 pigs to St. Louis.

The Goat Show was held at the same time as the sheep and pig shows.

Outside displays around the Palace of Agriculture.

A one day Wild West Show was held at the Livestock Forum.

Many new food items were introduced at the 1904 World's Fair. Was Iced Tea among them?

Lyndon Irwin was one of the writers for the Documentary produced in 2004 in St. Louis to commemorate the great fair.
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