1904 World's Fair

Agriculture Palace

Agriculture Palace Thumbnail

Agriculture Palace Thumbnail

The Palace of Agriculture was not located beside the other major palaces. Instead, it was on the western part of the fairgrounds near the other agricultural displays. This palace covered many acres and it was estimated that there were nine miles of aisles to walk if you visited all of the exhibits. Click on either of the scans above for a larger view of the outside, or follow the link at the bottom of this page to go inside.

The World's Work described a visit to the Agriculture Palace:

As you enter the Palace of Agriculture from the west side, where the huge floral clock makes the hillside conspicuous, the cotton, corn, and other large shows are arranged down the centre aisle, both sides of  which are flanked by State exhibits. Along the south side, to the left, are the foreign countries. Along the north side range the food demonstrations, ending with the dairy exhibit. Along the far end of the building is the array of agricultural machinery. Stepping out at the east end, you cross first the most varied garden of cacti ever grown so far north, and then a portion of a rose garden, which stretches down the long south wall. Then you enter the Palace of Horticulture, with its beautiful display of acres of apples, and with a large conservatory at one end, in which grow orchids, aquatic plants, and rare exotics. Beyond, up the hill, are the Livestock Barns, whence the milk comes for the Model Dairy. Here are shown the best cattle, horses, sheep and hogs the agricultural States can send. Along the north wall of the Palace of Agriculture, outside, is an exhibit of windmills and a beautiful wild-flower garden of two hundred varieties of plants gathered in the woods of Missouri. Some distance from the building to the westward, near the Indian Reservation is the vast map of the United States, with each State represented by a garden patch of its characteristic crop. And Agricultural processes are shown on a farm of seventy acres. Unlike most exhibits, this agricultural show may be seen with comprehension in almost any order - you may start where you will. But you see the big picture and learn the big facts in the Palace of Agriculture itself.

Reference: Cunniff, M. G.  August, 1904. "The Agricultural Conquest of the Earth". The World's Work, Doubleday and Company. 

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