Angel Family of Moundville

Lawrence W. Angel was a native of North Carolina who brought his family to Missouri very early.

Lawrence and his wife Anny are shown in an 1856 Iowa State Census for Decatur County.

They first appear in Missouri in the 1860 census for Holt County, Benton Township:

  • L. W. Angel, age 32, born North Carolina
  • Anna C. Angel, age 26, born North Carolina
  • Pinkney Angel, age 7, born North Carolina
  • William Angel, age 5, born North Carolina
  • Lena Angel, age 3, born Iowa
  • Mary Angel, age 1, born Iowa

By 1870, they were in Moundville Township, Vernon County:

  • L. W. Angel, age 43, born North Carolina
  • Caroline Angel, age 37, born North Carolina
  • Daniel Angel, age 18, born North Carolina
  • Wm. Angel, age 16, born North Carolina
  • Francis Angel, age 13, born Iowa
  • Mary J. Angel, age 11, born Missouri
  • Amanda Angel, age 9, born Missouri
  • John Angel, age 7, born Missouri

In 1880, they continued to live in Moundville Township where their last name is misspelled Angell in the census:

  • Lawrence Angell, age 52, born North Carolina
  • Anna C. Angell, age 46, born North Carolina
  • Mary Angell, age 21, born Missouri, school teacher
  • Kitty Angell, age 18, born Missouri
  • John Angell, age 16, born Missouri
  • Ottie F. Angell, age 9, born Missouri

Daughter Mary J. (who was usually called Molly) married Billy Morren in 1882.


Oldest son, Daniel Angel, died November 18, 1886. He was buried at Welborn Cemetery (see grave marker to the right). His birth date was December 2, 1852. Daniel must have been referred to by his middle name in the 1860 census - Pinkney - thus the D. P. Angel on the grave marker.


In 1900, Lawrence and Anna were living in Deerfield Township. Lawrence W. Angel said he was born in July 1827 and Anna C. Angel was born in October 1833. They had had seven children and five survived.

A tragedy occurred in the family in October 1900. Their son-in-law Billy Morren who was the town marshal at Bronaugh was shot and killed during a bank robbery.

Anna Angel died February 8, 1903 at the age of 69. She was buried in Welborn Cemetery. Based on later death certificates, it is known that Anna's maiden name was Hoover.


By 1910, Lawrence was age 83 and living in Nevada with his son Ott F. Angel. Ott was age 39, having been born in 1871.

Lawrence Angel died May 12, 1914 and was buried beside his wife at Welborn Cemetery.


John Angel 's short death notice appeared in the December 18, 1918 issue of the Bronaugh Journal. It told that he was a brother of Molly Morren Collins of Bronaugh. John Angel was married to Nettie Thornhill Angel. The statement that he was Mrs. Molly Collins' youngest brother means youngest "surviving" brother. Her youngest brother, Otto, had died January 19, 1922 in Nevada and was buried in Newton Burial Park.

John Martin Angel's death certificate tells that he had been born October 10, 1864. The informant was May Thomas of Nevada and Dr. J. T. Hornback was the attending physician.




The left scan is of Junetta Thornhill, also known as Nettie, wife of John M. Angel. Their daughter Ida V. Angel married Charles E. Phelps. Their daughter Valera Phelps married Marion Saathoff. Tommy Lu (Thornhill) Van Eaton shared the scan.


Welborn Cemetery grave marker:

John M. Angel 1864 - 1918

Nettie, his wife 1862 - 1940

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