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Moundville, Vernon County, Missouri

The Baugh Family

Here are photos and information about the John, Ben, and William Baugh families of Garrard County, Kentucky and then Moundville.

This is probably the wedding photo of Ben Baugh and Florence Wylie.


Mrs. Florence Wylie Baugh, taken in Nevada.

Florence was a daughter of Salem and Sedonia Johnson Wylie.

Ben and Florence Wylie Baugh and Ben's four children, Clara, Robert, Lizzie and Lillie Bell. The son, Robert, died in 1902 of Bright's Disease.

Florence and Ben Baugh

Ben Baugh was elected to various Moundville Township offices. In the early 1900's he was elected Vernon County Sheriff. He and Florence lived at the County Jail during that term.

Ben died in 1917 and buried at Moore Cemetery in Nevada. Florence returned to Kentucky where she remarried. Her death date has not been found.

John Baugh and and Lizzie Wylie were married in 1884 in Garrard County, Kentucky after the death of John's first wife. Soon after their marriage, they came to Vernon county living near Moundville. Their first three children were Nora, Lizzie and Willia.

Lizzie Wylie Baugh and children.

Lizzie was a daughter of Salem and Sedonia Johnson Wylie.


Liz Baugh and children. The boy is Clarence Baugh. The girls in this photo are probably Lizzie, Willia, Florence and Jessie.

Children of John and Liz Baugh.

HELP! William Baugh was the third Baugh brother to leave Garrard County, Kentucky and come to Moundville. William married Florence Roberts in Kentucky. They had one daughter, Mary Baugh, born before 1880.

In early 1902, Mrs. Ida Means Singleton died at the home of Ben Baugh. Ida was the daughter of B. F. Means of Moundville and the wife of Jesse James Singleton. She and her husband had a baby named Mary Alice Singleton. Before Ida died, the newspaper said that she "gave" the child to Mr. and Mrs. William Baugh to raise, which they did. We wonder what the relationship between Ida and Baugh's might have been. I am certain that it was not through the Wylie's. Amanda Baldwin has been researching her husband's Means and Singleton lines for several years and we would like to post the solution to this mystery here along with scans of William Baugh, Ida Means Singleton, and the child, Mary Alice Singleton (Tyree). If you have photos or information about the Baugh, Means or Singleton families please email.

This is William & Florence Roberts Baugh.

William (1857-1940) and Florence (1860-1939) are buried at Moore Cemetery, Nevada.

Scan shared by Amanda Baldwin.

Mary Alice Singleton married Joseph Emmett Tyree on 30 June 1922. Mary Alice is buried at Sheldon Cemetery. She had been born in June 1901 and died in November 1942.

Scan shared by Amanda Baldwin.

Right: Grave marker for B. F. Means, Welborn Cemetery, Moundville.



Also, Amanda believes that the William Baugh's were early members of the Moundville Christian Church. It closed many years ago and several researchers are interested in knowing where its records ended up. Any ideas?

Moore Cemetery, Nevada, Missouri

One of the Baugh sisters, Arabella, married a man named Elisha JOHNSON of Garrard County. She had a daughter, Laura, by him. Apparently he died and she remarried a man named J. Henderson KENNEDY from Garrard County, and they moved to Illinois. They had three more children. They were Lilua Kennedy, b. 1873, Lizzie Kennedy, b. 1879 and Ida Kennedy, b. 1880 (according to the 1880 census) and they lived in Illinois. Given their ages, they may have gone to Missouri with her, when she moved there. Her husband, J. Henderson Kennedy was born 1832 in Kentucky, probably Garrard County. After he died, Arabella moved to Missouri. Thanks to Kathryn Payne for providing this information.

Ara. B. Kennedy is buried beside her brother, Ben Baugh, in Moore Cemetery.

Kathryn Payne tells that her ancestor was the brother that did not come to Missouri. To the left is a drawing of Robert E. Baugh taken during the Civil War, and to the right is one of of Robert and his wife Candace, taken around 1903, with their children. The children are Jesse, Bessie, Hattie, Annie and the baby is Henry. Robert was only 15 when he signed up for the war. Ben, John and William were way too young to get away with joining.

There is one other set of Baugh burials in Nevada that was not a brother to the above:

Moore Cemetery, Nevada, MO.

Kathryn Payne writes: "Benjamin Baugh was the son of Joseph Baugh and Nancy Gentry. He was the son of Abraham Baugh and Judith Coleman and the brother of Abraham Baugh Jr. Maria Boone was the daughter of George Boone and Nancy Ann Linville. She was married to Joseph Steel in 1805, then Benjamin Baugh 30 May 1832, St. Charles Co, MO. George Boone was the son of Squire Boone Jr. and Sarah Morgan. Squire Boone Jr. was the son of Squire Boone Sr. and Mary Milton Mauridge. Squire Boone Jr. was also the brother of Daniel Boone and Mary Boone, who married John Webb and they are my great 6x great grandparents. "

Benjamin Baugh is the brother of Abraham Baugh (Jr.) whose son was Jesse Gill Baugh (the father of the four Vernon County Baugh's). This means that Benjamin was the great-uncle of the other four Baugh's buried at Moore.

We assume that he was the first Baugh to go to Missouri

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