Braun Family of Moundville, Missouri

It is very easy to get confused with this family. Please consider this page a working document while we resolve some "issues".

The photo below was shared by JaWan and Nancy Thompson. It shows the fine Braun home. The second image is an enlargement of just the people. It is not too clear but is the best we can do. We will add more information about this family as we find or receive it.

The Braun family lived due south of Moundville about a mile and a half.


The Thompson's tell that this house was south of Moundville along what is now Highway 43.

The 1900 census for Moundville Township, lists the following family living near other families known to live along that road:

  • John Braun, age 69, born July 1830 in Germany
  • Bernhardt Braun, age 58, born March 1842 in Germany
  • George Braun, age 29, born November 1870 in Mississippi
  • William Braun, age 27, born January 1872 in Mississippi
  • Henry Braun, age 20, born December 1879 in Missouri
  • Charles Braun, age 18, born May 1882 in Missouri
  • Mary Braun, age 15, born March 1885 in Missouri

The 1910 Moundville Township census lists a John Braun family living on the Bronaugh Road (which would now be Highway 43). They lived near (probably across the road) from the A. P. Selim family:

  • John Braun, age 69, born Germany
  • Pauline M. Braun, age 64, born Germany
  • William Braun, age 36, born Mississippi
  • Mary Braun, age 25, born Missouri (Marie)

John Braun's obituary told that he was a "well known and highly respected citizen" of Moundville Township, living one and one half miles south of Moundville. He died May 19, 1910, and was 69 years old. He left a wife and five sons, William and George of Moundville; and Henry, Charles and Edward of Kansas City; and one daughter, Marie of Moundville. The Braun family had moved to the Moundville area from Kansas City in 1890. The funeral services were at St. Mary's Church in Nevada with burial in the Catholic (Mount Calvary) Cemetery also in Nevada.

His death certificate listed his birth date as December 8, 1840. It also states that John was to be buried at Deepwood Cemetery, but he is actually in Mount Calvary. The informant for the information was his son, William Braun.

His grave marker in Mount Calvary lists:

John Braun, December 8, 1840 - May 19, 1910.


There is definitely confusion over the wives here and also about John's birth date.

An observation from the 1900 census is that Bernhardt is listed as having had seven children and that five were still living. She stated that she and John had been married for 32 years.

Then the 1910 census says that Pauline had been married for 40 years and that they had eight children and six were still living.

Therefore, it seems obvious there are significant errors in one or both of these census records since this is surely the same family. This will continue to create complications for researchers.

Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Nevada, MO

Photo shared by Nancy Thompson.

In checking other death records, we find that Mary A. (Braun) Selim died April 8, 1916 of tuberculosis. Marie A. Selim is buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Nevada, MO (although her death certificate says Mt. Carmel.) It lists her birth date as February 2, 1885, and her parents as John Braun who had been born in Germany and Mary Braun who had been born in Kansas City, MO (which is highly doubtful since both the 1900 and 1910 census records said her mother was born in Germany)??? Her husband was Edward A. Selim who provided the information. She was buried beside her father.


Nancy Thompson found that Mrs. Bertha (Bernardt) Braun died in 1917 in Kansas City, Kansas. She was survived by her four sons. It appears that the 1900 Census birth of March 1842 is correct and then we know 27 Nov 1917 for the death. The death notice says she was 73 yr old, but that doesn't quite compute -- but it was probably provided by one of the sons. Nancy found her obituary in the Novebmer 27, 1917 Nevada Dalily Mail and it confirms that she was to be buried at Mt. Calvary in Nevada. It appears that they didn't have the cemetery stone engraved.


George Braun married Annie Dozier in Vernon County on June 2, 1901. The 1910 Moundville Township census shows George and Annie with children Glenn and Agnes living on Logan Road southeast of Moundville.

George Braun died in 1926 in Moundville Township and was buried in Moore Cemetery. His dates are November 21, 1870 - May 26, 1926. His death certificate lists his parents as John and Bertha Braun. One wonders if Bertha is Bernhardt's middle name or if it is her Americanized name.


In researching William Braun, the 1920 and 1930 census shows him living next to the Selim family and single. Then, his death certificate tells that he was found dead at home in 1935. It lists his parents as John Braun and mother Bertha (both born in Germany). It also says that he had lived in the area for 45 years which places the family in Vernon County about 1890. The informant was Edward Braun. The death certificate also says William was buried at Mt. Calvary in Nevada.


Edward Thomas Braun died November 25, 1948. His death certificate lists his birth date as February 13, 1872 and his wife Martha and his father as John Braun and mother, Bertha. He was buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery like his father, brother and sisters. Edward is an older son, who was not listed with his father and mother in the 1900 census (he was probably on his own by then).

Caution - Use information from this page at your own risk. There are definitely some problems with the records relating to the Braun family. So, please contact us if you know more about them.

Earlier History

Here is information about the family before they came to Vernon County:

They are found in the 1880 census living in Jackson County, Missouri in District 21 on Lincoln Street and their last name is spelled Brown (but mis-spellings are not uncommon in census records). But you will notice that the sons listed match names above exactly:

  • John Brown, age 39, born in Baden, Germany
  • Vinnie Brown, age 33, born in Baden, Germany
  • Cresent Brown, age 14, born in Ohio
  • George Brown, age 9, born in Mississippi
  • William Brown, age 8, born in Mississippi
  • Edward Brown, age 5, born in Mississippi
  • Henry Brown, age 3 months, born in Missouri

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