Breckenridge, Missouri

Turkey Creek School

Below is a nice school photo. Identities are listed on the back of the photo. I have typed them exactly as they are listed on the back but I don't know if they are listed in order. Look carefully and you can see more folks looking out the windows.

Glen Looney, Forrest Veer, Katherine McNeely, ??? Thompson, Mildred Sadler, Flossie McKemley, Ella James, Oliver Keeley, Rila Bogan, Nolan Barron, ??? Goodman, Nadine Grey, Russel Baro?, Bernice Sway, ??? Silkwood, Estil Wood, Oren James

Gay Hall, Russell Emery, Karl Uhland, Elgin James, Ray Goodman, Abe Silkwood, George Silkwood, Richard Orr, Leslie Thompson, Monroe Brooks, Ernest Thompson, Ernest Johnson, Glynis Johnson, Fredda Emery, Marlin Brooks, Earl Gray

Esmond Johnson, Beatrice Orr, Louise Seray, Sylvia Gassaway, Cora Goodman, Virginia Brooks, Ted Hall, Helen Brooks

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