Breckenridge, Missouri

Breckenridge is a small village in northeastern Caldwell County, Missouri. Click here to see a 1904 map of Caldwell County that will show the location of Breckenridge. In the 1880's, several of my Kentucky ancestors located there. They came to work for Mr. Bothwell, a well known land-owner, cattleman and sheep producer. Here are some photos of old Breckenridge.

Please note: I have never lived in Breckenridge. In fact, I've only visited it once. I have this web page because it is where my grandmother was born but she and her family left Caldwell County before 1900. Therefore I am not able to be of much help with genealogical questions about that area. Lyndon

Street Scene, Breckenridge

Breckenridge cowboys - Upper right is Tom Rodgers. Front left is John Bales. John and Tom were brothers-in-laws. Can anyone identify any of the others? I expect they all worked for Bothwell in the 1890's.

Linda Boatright believes that the young man, top left, is her grandfather, Charles Holmes, who hauled ice for Bothwell.

Danny Martin says that the photo is actually of Newton Holmes He worked for his brother, Charles Wilson Holmes, that owed the ice house. He was Danny's wife's uncle. Charles was her grandfather. His daughter was Doris B. (Holmes) Clevenger. They ran the movie theater in Breckenridge. Danny also notes that Newt Holmes lost his nose to cancer and had to wear a plastic one.

The Bothwell family of Breckenridge and Nettleton raised fine cattle and sheep. They also provided employment for many new residents. (Photo from The State of Missouri, by Williams, 1904)

Post Card of 1919 Breckenridge

1907 Breckenridge School Field Day.

The Travis Rogers home was southeast of Breckenridge on the county line.

Turkey Creek School was an early one-room school. Click on the photo to see a close-up view and identifications for the students.

Sometimes you even get lucky and find a Breckenridge souvenir such as this bud vase that we found at a Springfield, MO antique show.

Jim Stout shared this photo and wrote, "It is the city park in Breckenridge. The old double-decker bandstand is long gone. A few old timers remember it as pictured, and I'm old enough to remember the way it looked after they removed the second deck." Jim's Web Site has lots of good information on Caldwell and surrounding counties.

Read about the Haun's Mill Memorial in Breckenridge Park.

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