Four Rogers sisters

Here is information on four of the daughters of Joseph and Ellen Stewart Rogers of Paint Lick and Crab Orchard, Kentucky.


Martha Rogers DeBorde

Martha A. Rogers was born March 24, 1849, in Garrard County. She was the first child of Joseph and Ellen Stewart Rogers. She grew up in Garrard and Rockcastle Counties.

On December 28, 1876, she was married to Jonathan D. DeBorde in Garrard County. He was a son of Fleming Burke DeBorde and Hannah Adams. On December 25, Johnathan signed the bond as principal and F. J. Conn signed the bond as surety. Johnathan said that he was 25 years old and a Garrard County resident. He stated that he and his parents had been born in Rockcastle County. He also stated that Martha was 27 and that she had been born in Garrard County. The marriage was to occur at the home of Elizabeth Stewart (Martha's grandmother). Two verifications accompanied the bond. One had been signed December 16 and stated:

You are hereby authorized to issue license to Johnathan D. Deboard to marry Miss Martha Rogers - this 16 day Dec., 1876.

  • Martha Rogers
  • X her mark
  • Elizabeth Stuart

The 1880 Garrard Co., Brandy Springs District Census showed that Martha and Jonathan were living near her parents. Their first two children had been born by then. However, only one of them was listed in the census. Their eldest child was Elizabeth and she had been born in November, 1877. She must have been left out of the census by mistake:

  • DeBoarde, John 30 Ky Ky Ky
  • Martha 25 Ky Ky Ky
  • Trav 2 Ky Ky Ky

By the 1900 census, the Debordes were living in Lincoln County, Kentucky:

  • Deborde, John Sep 1852 47 Ky Ky Ky
  • Martha A. Mar 1849 51 Ky Ky Ky
  • Travis Jun 1879 20 Ky Ky Ky
  • Binman J. Nov 1881 18 Ky Ky Ky
  • Maggie W. Apr 1883 17 Ky Ky Ky
  • Woodson Apr 1886 14 Ky Ky Ky
  • Mary C. May 1887 13 Ky Ky Ky

The census told that John and Martha had been married 23 years and had had seven children with six still living. John was listed as a farmer. The sixth child was a daughter, Elizabeth DeBorde. The 1910 census still showed John and Martha living in Lincoln County. However, in this census, as mentioned earlier, her parents, Joe and Ellen Rodgers, were living with them. The census listed J. D. DeBord at age 60; Martha at age 62; Woodson, age 24; and Mary, age 22. All could read and write.

John D. DeBorde died in 1913 and was buried at Buffalo Springs Cemetery in Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky.

The 1920 Lincoln County census showed that Martha A. DeBord, age 71 and a widow, was living with her son-in-law and daughter, Finely and Elizabeth Campbell. Martha was listed as being able to read and write. Between 1910 and 1920, Martha lost her husband, a son, and both parents.

Martha continued to reside in Kentucky until about 1930 when she moved to Ohio where two of her daughters lived. She lived with her daughter, Maggie - Mrs. Blaine Collett at 824 Clark Ave. in Piqua, Miami County, Ohio. Martha's death occurred on June 1, 1937, at Memorial Hospital at Piqua. Her Ohio death certificate and her obituary in the Piqua Daily Call both state that her birth date was March 24, 1848. The date should almost certainly be 1849 since Joseph and Ellen were not married until April 10, 1848. Also, the 1850 census had listed Martha as 1 year old when that census was taken. Also, the 1900 census had listed her birth as occurring in March, 1849. This is not the only error on the death certificate. The county of her birth listed as Garrett County, KY, should be Garrard County. Also, on both the death certificate and obituary her mother's name was listed as Helen Lewis, which should be Ellen Stewart. Her father's name was correctly listed as Joseph Rogers, and his birth place was listed as Virginia. At the time of her death Martha was a member of Fairview Baptist Church of Halls Gap, Kentucky. Martha was brought back to Stanford, Kentucky, for burial beside her husband, John. Funeral services were conducted at the grave in Buffalo Springs Cemetery by Rev. B. L. Hargrove, pastor of the Baptist church. At the time of her death she was survived by the following children: Mrs. Lizzie Campbell of Orlando, Florida; John DeBorde of Sidney, Ohio; Mrs. Maggie Collett and Mrs. Mary Durand both of Piqua, Ohio; and Woods DeBorde of Covington, Kentucky. She was also survived by one brother, Thomas Rogers of Nevada, Missouri, and two sisters, Mary Ellen Rogers Singer of Richmond, Kentucky, and Emily Rogers Bales of Nevada, Missouri.

The DeBordes are buried in Buffalo Springs Cemetery at Stanford, Lincoln Co., KY:

  • Deborde, John D. 1852-1913
  • Martha 1848-1937
  • Travis F. 1879-1911


Margaret Rogers Woolwine

Margaret Rogers was the fourth child of Joseph and Ellen Rogers. She was born April 20, 1853. For a few years in the mid 1850's, birth records were kept in Garrard County. Margaret Rogers is the only child of Joseph and Ellen whose birth is recorded in those records. Margaret was married in 1879 in Garrard County to Bluford (Bud) Woolwine. Their February 4, 1879, marriage bond told that Bluford was 18 and had been born in Madison County, Ky. Margaret was 24 (she was actually almost 26) and had been born in Garrard County. They paid a $100 bond for the marriage. Bluford signed the bond with an "x". Their Garrard County Marriage License was dated February 4, 1879, and their Marriage Certificate was dated February 5, 1879. Bluford and Margaret were married by the Rev. Felix Rogers at the home of Margaret's grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart. Felix Rogers was a Baptist Minister around Paint Lick for many years. No proof of a relationship between Felix and the Joseph Rogers family has been proven. The 1979 map of Garrard County by Beers and Lanagan showed that the H. and J. Woolwine families were living about five miles south of Joseph Rodgers, near the village of Lynchburg. Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart lived about a mile and a half from the Woolwines.

Bud and Maggie probably came to Caldwell County, Missouri, in the early 1880's. Descendants of Travis Rogers believe that Travis came to Missouri with a brother-in-law about this time. Bud Woolwine is the most logical brother-in-law for him to have come with.

The 1900 Garrard County census listed the Woolwines as still living in Kentucky:

  • Woolwine, Bud Aug 1858 41 Ky Ky Mo

  • Maggie Oct 1855 44 Ky Ky Ky

Margaret's birth year is incorrect in this census. Her younger brother, Thomas, was born in May, 1855, so her correct birth should have been 1853. It appears from census and marriage records, that Margaret usually lied about her age, probably since she was quite a bit older than her husband. According to the census, they had been married 20 years and had no children. Based on the above information, it is not certain where Bud and Maggie had been between 1880 and 1900. They have not been found in either the Kentucky or Missouri census for 1880.

Amanda Bales Crawford recalled that Bud and Maggie Woolwine lived in Vernon County, MO, near Bronaugh for awhile, probably in the early 1900's. They never had any children.

Benson Harper recalled that Bud and Maggie Woolwine lived in the Breckenridge area in the 1920's or 30's. The 1920 Federal census showed them living in Breckenridge Township. Bud was listed as a laborer:

  • Woolwine, B. 61 Ky Ky Mo

  • Mag 65 Ky Va Ky

Relatives believe that Bud died in Missouri by the early 1930's. (Bud was obviously quite a character - I have a collection of such stories but won't add them to a web page). Much of this confirmed by his death certificate. Bud died in State Hospital Number 3 in Nevada, MO on November 18, 1926. He was buried in the State Hospital Cemetery were few graves are marked.

(thanks to Mark Steinke for providing the death certificate.

Regarding the Woolwine family, Mark wrote, "One of Bluford's sisters was Nancy Ellen Woolwine who married John K. Roberts. I don't have much information on Nancy or John, but I know Nancy was deceased by 1897 because the widower John K. Roberts married Lourinda Wylie on Oct. 10, 1897 in Garrard Co. (their marriage record lists her name as Lulu Wylie). I found Lourinda on your website as the daughter of Salem and Sedonia Johnson Wylie. I'm curious if anyone has any additional data on Lourinda or John, or possibly know any family stories that might help lead to finding when and where they died (and my ultimate hope would be that if I can find an obituary for John Roberts it might give me a clue to when his first wife died)."

Following Bud's death, Maggie moved back to Kentucky where she lived with the Singer family. When Travis Rogers died in 1933, Margaret Woolwine was listed as surviving and as living in Kentucky. Maggie Rogers Woolwine died February 24, 1934, in Richmond, Kentucky. Her death certificate which was signed by her nephew, William Singer, listed her age as 84, and her birth year as 1850. These are off by about three years. Christine Singer Agee recalled that Maggie died during the winter. She took ill and died suddenly. The snow was so bad that they dressed Maggie, put her in a coffin, and took her to the cemetery on a sled. Christine's father, William Singer, could not get his car out to go to the cemetery, so he rode his horse to a neighbor's house (Ernest Tussey), who took him to the cemetery. Maggie was buried in Richmond Cemetery on February 26, 1934.


Amelia Rogers Kuykendall

Amelia Rogers was born in 1862 to Joseph and Ellen Stewart Rogers. Although Amelia was their eighth child, she was the second to marry. When Amelia was just 15, on October 20, 1877, Joseph gave permission for the Madison County, KY, Clerk to "issue license to join together in the holy state of matrimony, my daughter, Miss 'Ameley' Rogers of Madison County to Mr. Jim Kuykendall of Garrard County, Kentucky." James M. Kuykendall paid the bond and the license was issued. Their marriage certificate states that they were married on October 21, 1877, in Madison County at the home of the justice of the peace.

James and Amelia were the parents of at least four children. The 1880 Kentucky Census showed the family in Madison County. It listed:

  • Kuykendall, James 27 NC NC NC
  • Amelia 18 Ky Va Va
  • Elizabeth 1 Ky NC Ky
  • Lucy 9/12 Ky NC Ky

James was listed as a farmer. Lucy had been born in September, 1879.

Amelia Rogers Kuykendall

Amelia died by 1900. The census showed an unnamed Kuykendall granddaughter, age 16, living with Joseph and Ellen. The photo of Joseph and Ellen's home shows them with the Kuykendall children during the 1890's.

Lucy Kuykendall Hammock cared for her grandparents during their old age. In fact, Joseph died at her home. A. J. Hammock was the informant for Joseph's death certificate.

Paint Lick Cemetery records show that Andrew and Lucy were buried there:

  • Andrew J. Hammock 1874 - 1935
  • Lucy K. Hammock 1879 - 1963

Another child of Amelia was Joe Kuykendall. They are buried in Manse (Paint Lick) Cemetery:

  • Joe Kuykendall 1881 - 1964
  • Mary Kuykendall 1892 -

The death certificate of Joe Kuykendall tells that he was born July 3, 1881, in Garrard County. Joe was a veteran of the Spanish American War. His usual occupation was a barber. Joe died December 7, 1964, in Crab Orchard where he had lived for twenty years. Burial was on December 9.


Mary Ellen Rogers Singer

Mary Ellen Rogers was the ninth child of Joseph and Ellen Stewart Rogers. She was born September 16, 1865, in Garrard County. She grew up there and in December, 1884, she was married in that county to Levi Singer. Levi was the son of William and Dulcena Dozier Singer and had been born June 20, 1861, in Kentucky. Levi applied for a Garrard County marriage bond in the sum of $100 on December 4. Mary Ellen's brother, Joseph F. Rogers, signed as surety. On the bond, Levi stated that he was 23 years old that he had been born in Madison County, KY. He was a farmer. Mary E. Rogers was age 19, and it was stated on the marriage bond that she had been born in Rockcastle County. This statement is questionable. They stated that the marriage was to occur at the residence of John DeBord, Mary Ellen's brother-in-law The marriage certificate states that the actual marriage occurred on December 5, 1884. Witnesses were Mary Ellen's brother, Thomas Rogers, and her brother-in-law, John Bales. The marriage was performed by Rev. Felix Rogers, the same minister who had performed the marriage of Martha Rogers and Bluford Woolwine in 1879.

Levi and Mary Ellen were the parents of six children:

  • William Singer October 31, 1885 in Madison County
  • Emily Singer February, 1887 in Garrard County
  • George Singer September 1, 1889 in Estill County
  • Mary Singer March 16, 1892 in Garrard County
  • Louise Singer February 20, 1895 in Garrard County
  • Fanny Singer April 20, 1897 in Estill County

The family was listed in the 1900 Garrard County Census with their six children:

  • Singer, Levi Jun 1857 42 Ky Ky Ky
  • Maryland Mar 1863 37 Ky Ky Ky
  • Willie Sep 1895 14 Ky Ky Ky
  • Emily Feb 1887 13 Ky Ky Ky
  • George Sep 1889 10 Ky Ky Ky
  • Mary Mar 1892 8 Ky Ky Ky
  • Louisey Feb 1895 5 Ky Ky Ky
  • Fanny Apr 1897 3 Ky Ky Ky

According to the census, Levi and Mary Ellen (who was referred to as Maryland) had been married 16 years and had had six children born and six were still living.

Levi Singer died August 23, 1946, in Pope Hospital in Richmond, Madison County, KY. Mary Ellen Rogers Singer died February 14, 1965, at the Pope Hospital. They were both buried in the Richmond Cemetery.

Mary Ellen Rogers Singer with her husband William Singer (holding dog) and children. Brother in law Bluford Woolwine is front left.


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