Pioneer Residents

Moundville, Vernon County, Missouri

The Cheek and Tinlin Families

Here is information and photos of some early Vernon County residents that have been shared by Roger Cheek. If you have any questions about this family, please contact Roger.

Sarah Pettit Tinlin (age 92 here) came to Vernon Co. with her husband Wm. Tinlin and 4 children in 1865 and settled on the Big Drywood River. The couple had migrated from Canada to Iowa and had spent the year of 1874 living in an army barracks at Ft. Scott. Wm. died in 1907 of pneumonia in a covered wagon while returning from a trip to New Mexico. Sarah died in 1921. Both are buried in Deepwood Cemetery near Nevada.

The children of Wm. (far right) and Sarah Tinlin were Brook, Edith, Rachel, and Ardella. They were raised on the family farm in Coal Township.

Rudolph Kasten and Ardella Tinlin Kasten are buried in Moore Cemetery at Nevada. His dates are 1857 - 1941. Hers says 1861 - ??.

William and Rachel Tinlin Christianson

Buried in Deerfield Cemetery

Brook Tinlin remained single, owned the land next to Wm Tinlin in Coal Township. Buried in Moore Cemetery near Nevada.

left: William Shadrack and Edith Tinlin Cheek. Wm. S. Cheek came to Vernon Co. in 1865 and settled first in Moundville. He owned the land next to Wm Tinlin and married his daughter. He was born in Ilinois the son of Robert Roger Cheek and grandson of Shadrack Cheek, a Primitive Baptist preacher. Shadrack is buried in Putnam Co. and Robert and his wife Elizabeth are buried in the McKill Cemetery southeast of Bronaugh. Mable Cheek, a 4 year old daughter of Wm and Edith, is buried in Logan cemetery (northwest of Moundville) which is in the timber across the road from Wm. Tinlins which was called the Logan place. There was also a Logan School. Click on the photo below to learn more about it:

These are the children of Wm and Edith Cheek: Charles, Ethel (Bley), Edward, Ira, and Melvin.

The youngest child William T (not shown above) is shown here with his brother Ed and father Wm. S and the family's mule teams.

Ethel remained in the area the longest of all the children and cared in turn for her mother Edith and Aunt Rachel until their deaths. She married Marshall Bley and their children are Betty and Howard.

Nora Athey

Siblings of Wm Shadrack and children of Robert Roger Cheek were :

J. Franklin and Alice Cheek who moved to Kansas City

James and Laura Cheek White who were married in Nevada in 1888

Mary Mollie Cheek Roberts

Rosie B. Cheek Frost and son

Sarah J. Cheek Conner

John Adens

? Bear, Acia Runeli, and Ed Cheek

Big Farm Accident, names unknown.

Crul and Susie Leonard Family

He was one of the singers at the funeral of W. S. Cheek in 1941.

Taken at Deerfield June 31, 1912 Center front row is probably Ed Cheek

Ed Cheek and Clyde Byer

Mrs. W. J. Manning, Mrs. B W Melville, Mrs. E. L. Moore. Mr. W. H. Smith and Mr. B. B. Smith Taken in 1925.

Ed Cheek (3rd) and pals

Ed Cheek (3rd). A Herbert Cheek was said to play for a St Louis team?

Mr. & Mrs. Burt Merrit Home

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