Cocke Family of Moundville and Bronaugh

The Robert John Cocke family moved to Moundville in the early 1920's. He was the leader of the "section crew" for the Missouri Pacific Railroad.

Robert John Cocke

Photo from Deanna Cocke Morrison.

Robert John Cocke as head of the Moundville Section Crew - Missouri Pacific Railroad.


Photo from Deanna Cocke Morrison.

The Cocke family lived in the Moundville Section House, southeast of Moundville. This would have been in the early 1920's.

Deanna Cocke Morrison tells that the small boy on the porch is her dad, Marion. Marion graduated from Bronaugh High School in 1937.

At some point in the 1930's, the Cocke family moved to a house in Bronaugh that later became the home of Mrs. Ella Irwin in the mid-1940's.

Photo from Deanna Cocke Morrison.

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