Coulter Family of Moundville

This family was in Moundville very early and were featured in the 1887 History of Vernon County. We hope to learn more about them.

From: History of Vernon County, Missouri. 1887, p. 795.


(Druggist and Dealer in Druggists’ Sundries, Moundville).

Mr. Coulter has been a business man all his life, and though still a young man his experience with the world and in business affairs has given him a better knowledge of trade in general than the average person of to-day. This brief outline of his life’s history will indicate to some extent the activity of his career and his present standing in commercial circles. A native of Randolph County, Mo., his birth occurred August 14, 1852. Lafayette and Frances (Bean) Coulter, his parents, were Kentuckians by birth, the latter dying in 1865. They had in their family five children, of whom Richard was the eldest. When 10 years old be accompanied the family to Knox county, and there principally grew up, passing his youthful days like other boys, and afterwards entering upon a course as teacher of a writing school. From the time he was 18 he commenced to be actively engaged in different branches of business. In 1870 he went to Montana Territory and drove a herd of 400 cattle, an undertaking of no little importance. After spending two and a half years there occupied in mining and herding stock he returned to Randolph County, Mo., remaining in that community until coming to Moundville, where he at once engaged in the drug business. His store is all that could be desired; the stock carried is complete and fresh and well suited to the wants of his patrons, and in connection with the regular drug line he keeps on hand such sundries as are usually found in drug stores. The trade which he enjoys is constantly growing. Besides this business Mr. Coulter gives considerable attention to buying grain at this point, and with good success. In 1877 he was united in marriage with Miss Fannie Wisdom, of Chariton county, Mo. They have lost two children: Minnie and Eva. Mr. C. is a member of the I. 0. 0. F. and A. 0. U. W. He also belongs to the Christian Church.

The 1880 census is the first one taken after Richard Coulter's marriage to Fannie (Cornelia Francis Wisdom). They still lived in Randolph County, Missouri with their two young daughters:

R. M. Coulter


Fannie C. Coulter


Minnie D. Coulter


Josie E. Coulter


It is not known exactly when they moved to Moundville, but it was before 1882 because that was a tragic year for them. Both daughters died and were buried in Moundville Cemetery.

By 1886, Coulter was involved in controversy in Moundville when he was arrested for violating the liquor law. W. B. Hill filed the complaint that led to the arrest on multiple charges. Since both Coulter and Hill were druggists, it appears that there were even disagreements between druggists. Moundville was split at that time as to whether the town should be dry or not. Coulter's trial was held and was fined $40.

By 1888, Coulter was no longer a druggist. He was the manager of Davis and Company's elevator. He told that the following crops had been shipped from Moundville: 25,000 bushels of corn, 9,000 bushels of oats, four carloads of flax seed, and three carloads of castor beans.

The Coulters may have left Moundville not long after that because he is not mentioned again in any Moundville records.

There is a death record on file in Jasper County, Missouri, for Richard M. Coulter. He died June 27, 1899. He was taken back to his old Randolph County home were he was buried in the Coulter-Wright Cemetery. His widow, Cornelia Fannie, was boarding in Joplin in the 1900 census. by 1910, she had re-married and moved to north Missouri.

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