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Agriculture in Post-Civil War Missouri 

Greene County

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The first year after the war, the average price for good farm land was $20 per acre.  Land less profitable was selling for $7 an acre.

Around 100,000 acres were in cultivation in the county, and everything from corn to potatoes was being grown.  These were some of the average yields that were being harvested by Greene county farmers:

  •  Corn -              40 bu

  • Wheat -            15 bu (But it was reported that some of the best farmers averaged 35 bu)

  • Oats -              40 bu

  • Rye -                30 bu

  • Barley -            20 bu

  • Buckwheat -     25 bu

  • Potatoes -        225 bu

  • Tobacco -        1200 lbs

  • Timothy -         1.5 tons

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There were eighteen flour mills in the county and an implement factory in Springfield owned by Piper and Norberry who had their own patented plow.

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Southwest Missouri was also considered prime sheep country.  Many herders migrated out of Illinois after the war, bringing their flocks of merino sheep to Greene County.  The following are the numbers of sheep that were reported to have moved into the county and the men who brought them:

  • Mr. Rex           2,700 head

  • Mr. Egnor        400

  • Mr. Lewis        1,200

  • Mr. Edwards    200

It was estimated that 6,000 sheep were now grazing the prairies of Greene County and were expected to produce 25,000 pounds of wool.

Advertisment for Springfield Woolen Mill. H. K. Smith, Proprietor. Manufactures blankets, cassimeres, flannels, and jeans.


Average yields in 1871 were as follows:

  • Corn-               40 bu

  • Wheat -           18 bu

  • Oats -              40 bu

  • Rye -               30 bu

  • Barley -            40 bu

  • Potatoes -        90 bu

Advertisement for H. F. Denton's Livery, feed and sale stable. College Street, opposite Metropoletan Hotel.


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