Fair family of Moundville

Left: Grave marker for John C. Fair, who died in 1900. Welborn Cemetery, Moundville.


John C. Fair, who farmed four miles west of Moundville, died on October 16, 1900. He had been born in Farmerstown, Ohio on June 16, 1852 and had come to Moundville before 1884. He was brought up in the United Brethren church. Burial was at Welborn Cemetery. His wife and seven children survived.

Note: The township line between Moundville Township and Deerfield Township runs right along the north edge of Moundville, so there are many, such as the Fair's who lived close to Moundville but not in Moundville Township. And even though they lived in Deerfield Township, they did not live very close to the village of Deerfield. In fact, Welborn Cemetery is in Deerfield Township. The 1900 census for Deerfield Township, Vernon County, Missouri includes the Fair family and gives an enumeration just a few months before John's death:

  • John C. Fair, born June 1852 in Ohio
  • Alice L. Fair, born April 1854 in Ohio
  • Adelbert Fair, born November 1873 in Ohio (sometimes referred to as Clayton or Delbert)
  • Maggie Fair, born September 1881 in Ohio (married Robert Fletcher in Vernon County in 1901)
  • Harry W. Fair, born January 1879 in Ohio
  • Edith Fair, born August 1884 in Missouri (this birth gives an estimated time that the family moved to Missouri)
  • Charlie Fair, born February 1890 in Missouri
  • Lloyd Fair, born October 1893 in Missouri
  • Mabel Fair, born November 1896 in Missouri

The family is found in Holmes County, Ohio in 1880 and before.

John C. is shown as the son of Charles and Magdalena Fair, natives of Pennsylvania.

Where is Alice McCormick Fair buried. I have read that she died in 1904, so we wonder if she is buried with John C. but there is nothing else on the stone????



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