Farrington Family of Moundville, Missouri

Dr. Owen Price Farrington was Moundville's physician for about ten years.

Janet Farrington Brown sent this scan of her grandfather, Dr. O. P. Farrington, and the information below:

I really don't know how long they were in Moundville - maybe 10 years tops I would guess. Granddad became very ill and his father-in-law Dr. Stewart thought he had Typhoid Fever and treated him in the usual way by giving him active Typhoid. He had extremely high fevers and when he finally recovered, he had to relearn to walk and relearn all kinds of other things. However, he was unable to remember people's names after his illness, was embarrassed by this so they went on a moving jag from town to town. They finally settled in Greentop where he ran a drug store.

Dr. Farrington's office was in the Moundville State Bank Building. See enlargement above.

To the right is a photo of Dr. Farrington in the 1916-17 Moundville School yearbook when he was Vice President of the School Board.


Janet has asked:

Dr. Farrington's son, Dan Stewart Farrington, was born in 1896 and ca 1913/14 fathered a baby by who was described as "a large farm girl" who lived near Moundville. Dr. Farrington supposedly delivered the baby at the girl's home and then took Him to Kansas City to be adopted. We wonder if he probably took him to the Willows Sanitarium. Would anyone have any ideas as to how to locate information about this girl and her baby?

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