Gooch family of Moundville 

There are two early Gooch family burials in Moundville Cemetery, Vernon County, Missouri. The Barnard Gooch family had from Williamson County, Tennessee where they had lived for many years. Here they are in the 1880 Census.

Barton S. Gooch


Virginia E. Gooch


Virginia Gooch


Maggie Gooch


James H. Gooch


Thomas S. Gooch


Patrick M. Gooch


Ola Lee Gooch


Bernard S. Gooch


Virginia E. Gooch was a daughter of Michael and Martha Leath, also of Williamson County. Barton Gooch and Virginia Leath had been married September 4, 1856. Apparently, Barton died after 1800 because not long after that, Virginia and some of the children moved to Vernon County, MO with her parents, Michael and Martha Leath and her brother, Joseph M. Leath, and family.

The family had arrived in Vernon County, MO by at least 1884 because Maggie Gooch was listed as being on a local newspaper's "sick list" in October of that year. A few years later, there were two burials in the old Moundville Cemetery:

  • Patrick M. Gooch, son of Barton. S. & Virginia E. Gooch. His dates are Sept. 24, 1873 - Nov. 10, 1888.
  • Maggie Gooch, daughter of B. S. & V. E. Gooch. Her dates are Aug. 18, 1865 - Feb 9, 1890.

They were buried beside their Leath grandparents. The grave marker is shown to the right. This stone is a bit confusing at first. The name on the front is Gooch. On the sides is the engraved information for Patrick and Maggie. On the top is the engraved information for Michael and Mrs. Leath, the grandparents.

In 1896, the town marshall was named Gooch but no first name has been found. However, J. H. Gooch served as a judge in the 1896 election so this refers to James H.

Moundville Cemetery

The 1900 census shows the widow Virginia E. Gooch, living in Bronaugh with her daughter, Ola, age 23.

Bernard Gooch returned to Moundville in February 1903. He had been working with the railroad bridge gang. Later that year, James Gooch had been working on a bridge gang in late August. One day, while he was working, he lost some of his fingers. His mother had been visiting from North Missouri at that time, so this indicates that Virginia Leath Gooch was no longer living in Vernon County.

It appears that the Gooch's left Vernon County because none of these appear to be buried in the county. James H. Gooch, for example, is buried in Yates Center Cemetery in Woodson County, Kansas.

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