James C. Irwin of Billingsville, Indiana

(1814 - 1895)

James C. Irwin was the second son of Morton and Anna Crawford Irwin. He lived near Billingsville and College Corner, Indiana. His wife was Hannah Young. They were the parents of nine children. They were

I would like to post a photo and more about James C. here. The thing we want more than anything is a photo of James C. Irwin.

Left: Grave marker for James C. and Hannah Irwin in College Corner Cemetery. I would prefer to have a photo of them if one exists and I expect its out there someplace.

Right: Grave marker of Josiah and Mary Irwin in College Corner Cemetery.

If you know of any photos of James C. Irwin and his descendants, please contact me. I'd like to add or link to this page.

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