The Irwin Family of Darrtown, Ohio

Darrtown is a small village in northwestern Butler County, Ohio. John Irwin (1757-1835) came to Darrtown with his family in about 1798 and were among the earliest settlers of the region. John and his wife, Mary Morton Welsh, were the parents of nine children. John owned a farm just west of Darrtown. John and Mary are buried in the pioneer section of Darrtown Cemetery, a beautifully kept cemetery, one mile west of Darrtown.

John, Phillip and Lyndon Irwin at the graves of John and Mary Morton Welsh Irwin


The children of John and Mary Welsh Irwin are listed in the chart below:


Birth Date

Marriage Date


Death Date

Morton Irwin

January 12, 1783

November 23, 1811

Anna Crawford, Mary Jane Curtis, Caroline Pelley

October 10, 1860

Elizabeth Irwin

August 8, 1785

April 3, 1804

William Ogle

November 17, 1859

Nancy Irwin

August 19, 1787

January 1, 1809

George Howard

January 28, 1872

Sarah Irwin

October 26, 1789

February 24, 1814

John DeMoss

September 16, 1835

Susannah Irwin

October 30, 1791`

March 12, 1816

William Stout

February 26, 1856

John Irwin

May 13, 1795

November 16, 1820

Mary Thorn, Malinda Ogden

August 5, 1865

Thomas S. Irwin

January 20, 1797


January 26, 1830

Mary Irwin

December 22, 1799

August 1, 1822

William Hinsey

after 1880

Rebecca Irwin

July 1, 1801

January 1, 1829

Warner Freeman

August 7, 1838

John and Mary's oldest son was Morton Irwin. Morton was born in 1783 in Pennsylvania. Morton married three times. His first wife was Anna Crawford, said to be his cousin. They had nine children. After Anna's death, Morton married Mary Jane Curtis. They had six children. Mary Jane died leaving an elderly Morton with small children. The small children, who were not yet old enough to go out on their own, were taken by their half brothers or sisters from the first marriage. Morton married for the third time, this time to Caroline Pelley. Caroline was 50 years younger than her husband. The 1860 census shows them with a baby, so Morton's last child was born when he was well over 70 years old. Morton died the next year and was buried beside his first two wives in Darrtown Cemetery.

At the 2003 reunion of the descendants of Robert L. Irwin, my cousin, Anne, brought this very old portrait that is identified as Great Great Grandfather Irwin. This means that after years of looking, we are able to share the only likeness of Morton Irwin that has ever been identified. Those blue eyes are certainly characteristic of the early Irwin's. This is what makes genealogy so exciting. One never knows what will turn up next.

If you want to look at the photo in more detail or print out a large copy of the portrait, click on it.

John, Phillip, and Lyndon Irwin at graves of Morton and Anna Crawford Irwin


Morton and Anna were the parents of eight sons and one daughter. Their information is listed below:


birth date

marriage date


death date

John Irwin

September 11, 1812

December 28, 1838

Caroline Horner

April 4, 1889

James C. Irwin

February 1, 1814

November 4, 1841

Hannah E. Young

March 29, 1895

Stephen Irwin

June 23, 1816

December 2, 1841

Elizabeth Martha Nichol

December 24, 1894

Cornelius H. Irwin

about 1818

September 1, 1834

William Irwin

about 1820

before 1869

Jeanette Eccles

March, 1896

Mary Ann Irwin

April 28, 1822

March 17, 1842

Squire Frazee

July 21, 1904

Sylvester Welsh Irwin

July 2, 1825

March 10, 1846

Mary Ann Woods

February 2, 1902

Thomas Irwin

April 28, 1828

February 12, 1857

Anna Eliza Ogden

February 12, 1912

Robert L. Irwin

November 25, 1831

January 1, 1857, January 12, 1871, July 16, 1878

Kate Sims, Margaret Burke, Mary Marilla Buckley

February 15, 1905

Morton and his second wife, Mary Jane Curtis, were the parents of six children. Their information follows:


birth date

marriage date


death date

Andrew Jackson Irwin

May 17, 1845

December 6, 1867

Eliza Ann Murray, Anna Traber

February 26, 1900

Henry Taylor Irwin

October, 1846

December 8, 1867, Union County

Virginia Dare

Margaret Anna Irwin

December 8, 1848

Frank Dare

September 8, 1910

Jane Irwin

about 1851

Oscar Phenis

Harriet Irwin

about 1853

February 8, 1870, Union County

Joseph W. Seward, ? Gardner

Henrietta Irwin

October, 1854

James Hannon

Morton and his third wife, Caroline Pelley, were the parents of one daughter, Emeline, who was born in 1859. Caroline married George Harrell about a year after Morton's death. This marriage resulted in no issue and must have ended in divorce. On June 2, 1869, Caroline married Hugh Hall. Caroline and Hugh had a son, Hugh Hall, Jr. Click here for more information on Emeline Irwin.

In 1991, I published a book entitled, From Darrtown to Fairfield and Beyond. This 300+ page book tells of the Irwins of Butler County and their many descendants. E-Mail me for ordering information.

right: Mrs. Edith Caughron was one of the early Irwin family researchers. Here she is at Darrtown Cemetery during an Ohio trip in 1948.

The graves are (l - r): Rebecca (Irwin) Freeman, Thomas Sylvester Irwin, Sarah Irwin DeMoss, John Irwin (of Am. Rev.) and Mary {Welsh) Irwin

Edith was standing behind the marker for her great grandmother, Sarah.

left: two of the early Irwin family researchers - Miss Myrna Schwarm of Hamilton,Ohio and Mrs. Edith Caughron of Neodesha, Kansas.

Edith descended from Sarah Irwin DeMoss. Edith lived at Neodesha, Kansas. Miss Myrna descended from Elizabeth Irwin Ogle and lived at Hamilton, Ohio, not far from Darrtown.

The upper photo was taken in 1949 and the one to the left was taken in October, 1948. Both have been shared by John McDermott. Edith had sent copies to John's ancestor, Professor John McDermott.

The third early Irwin researcher was Lucy Irwin Harrington, who desdended from John Irwin (son of the Revolutionary patriot). We'll add a scan of Lucy one of these days.

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