Emeline Irwin

of Darrtown, Ohio and Lafayette, Indiana

Morton Irwin and his third wife, Caroline Pelley, were the parents of one daughter, Emeline. She was born in 1859, when her father was 76 years old. She was his sixteenth child. Morton died the year after Emeline was born. Emeline was well cared for in Morton's estate. Her guardian was Ebenezer Morton, who was a neighbor and possible relative of her father. She married Augustus Buschman on March 12, 1876. Gus and Emeline were the parents of three daughters, Grace, Mayme, and Bertha.

left clockwise, Bertha Irwin Buschman Dinsmore, Caroline Pelley Irwin Hall, Emeline Irwin Buschman, baby Dorothy Irwin Dinsmore.

ca. 1910, Anderson, Indiana. Caroline Hall with Bertha, her granddaughter and Bertha's children, Dorothy (r) and Margaret (l). Lady on the left is Maude Hicks, a friend.

Back Row: Emeline Irwin Buschman, Robert B. Wallace, (husband of Mayme Buschman); Bertha Irwin Buschman Dinsmore.

Front Row: Grace Buschman Murdock, Mayme Buschman Wallace.

Photo taken in Indianapolis.

Emeline Irwin Buschman, ca. 1915.

Emeline on left, Bertha, Hugh Hall Jr. (Emeline's Half brother), and Wm James Dinsmore. March, 1915, Indianapolis.

Augustus Buschman with grandchildren in Indianapolis (August 1917), Wm. James Dinsmore, born 1911; Margaret Dinsmore, born 1907; Dorothy Irwin Dinsmore, born 1904; Elizabeth Dinsmore, born 1917.


Cemetery marker for Caroline Pelley Irwin Hall, 1837 - 1914, Spring Vale Cemetery, Lafayette, IN

Cemetery marker for Emeline Irwin Buschman, 1860 - 1935, Spring Vale Cemetery, Lafayette, IN

Memorial Park Cemetery is one of 7 cemeteries operated by Washington Park Cemetery Association in the east part of Indianapolis.

  • Bertha B. (Buschman) Dinsmore is in Lot. #631, Section #4, Grave #2.
  • Carlos M. Dinsmore is buried in Lot #631, Section #4, Grave #1.

Obituary of Caroline Pelley Irwin Hall

Caroline Hall was born in Butler Co., Darrtown, Ohio, April 28, 1832. She was married in 1860 to Morton Irwin, a pioneer settler of Ohio. After the birth of a daughter (Mrs. Buschman) her husband died and a few years later she was again married to Hugh Hall. From this union, one son was born who now survives her and is living in Pueblo, Col. Before her first marriage, she was baptized with 80 other people in the Ohio River, later uniting with the Baptist Church. Most of her life was spent in Ohio tho of late years she lived in Indiana and Colorado, previous to her death. The deceased is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Emma Buschman; one son, Hugh Hall, of Pueblo Col.; and three granddaughters, Mrs. C. M. Dinsmore, of Anderson; and Mrs. Wm. A. Murdock and Mrs. Robert B. Wallace of Lafayette.

Written by Bertha Irwin Buschman Dinsmore

Above is the obituary for Caroline Pelley Irwin Hall. It is from the Lafayette Daily Courier, Thursday, June 30, 1914, page 11. Lafayette is in Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Above is the obituary for Emeline Irwin Buschman. It is from the Lafayette Journal and Courier, May 4, 1935, page 12.

Below is the same newspaper, Tuesday evening, May 7, 1935.

Emeline and Augustus Buschman had divorced. Emeline filed for divorce on April 19, 1902, their not having co-habited since 1899, nor any support received. Gus was served on the 21 of April and required to appear on May 1st to answer charges. We assume the divorce was granted shortly thereafter, although in the 1900 census he was living in Fairfield, Tippecanoe County, Indiana and he already listed himself as divorced in 1900. He was working as a servant to the Johnson family.

At some point, August moved to Brazil, Indiana, near Terre Haute and re-married. "Gus Bushmand and Carrie Harrington were married November 22nd, 1903 in Clay County, Indiana".

Carolyn (Carrie) Brill Harrington had been married to Otis Harrington. They had three very small children in the 1900 census, so it appears that Augustus Buschman took on a young family to raise. In fact, Carolyn brought 4 children ranging in age from 6 down to infant to the marriage.

The 1930 census for Posey, Clay County, Indiana, shows "Agustus" Buschman and wife Carolyn.

Above is the obituary and burial information for August F. Buschman from the Terre Haute Tribune on May 16 and 17, 1938. August and his second wife, Carolyn, are buried in Cottage Hill Cemetery, Brazil, Indiana.

Interestingly, Carolyn's first husband, Otis Harrington is also buried in that same cemetery.

Below is the unexpected obituary for Hugh Hall, son of Hugh and Caroline Pelley Irwin Hall. The obituary is from the Lafayette, Indiana newspaper from February 14, 1944.

Below is what appeared in the Des Moines Tribune on February 12, 1944. The name is incorrect, and the age is off by 20 years, but this is probably Hugh under perhaps another alias?

Below is the Cemetery marker for Hugh Hall Jr., 1870 - 1944, Spring Vale Cemetery, Lafayette, IN.

He is buried in the plot with his mother Caroline Hall and his half sister, Emeline Irwin Buschman.

What we know about Hugh Hall

  • Hugh was born in 1870 in Ohio to Hugh and Caroline (Pelley Irwin) Hall.
  • In the 1880 census, 10 year old Hugh lived with his "widowed" mother, Caroline Hall in Indianapolis
  • Hugh married Mary Palmer on September 18, 1894 in Indianapolis
  • None of their four children survived. They are buried (with no grave markers) in the Palmer plot in beautiful Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis in Section 33, lot 168. They are:
    • Child of H. H. - 11/8/1895 - female stillborn
    • Hall Infant - 8-22-1899 - female stillborn
    • Hughey Everet Hall 2-24-1900. Had been born December 10, 1897. Died of Diptheria.
    • Infant of H. H. Hall 1-24-1901. Stillborn
  • In the 1900 census, Hugh and Mary lived in Indianapolis with Mary's parents, John and Mary Palmer. They had no surviving children.
  • Mary Palmer Hall died January 21, 1906 at the family home in Pueblo. She is was buried at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Pueblo.

More of what we know about Hugh:

  • Hugh was in Pueblo, CO by the 1910 census and he was listed as a widower. He was boarding with Jacob Palmer in Pueblo.
  • Caroline Irwin Hall had been in Pueblo with Hugh but left in the fall of 1913.
  • Hugh married Elsie Ames in Pueblo on 13 March 1914.
  • Caroline died in June 1914 (doubtful that Hugh left his wife in Pueblo to go so far to his mother's funeral. Elsie was pregnant)
  • Lutie Hall was born November 11, 1914 to Hugh and Elsie Ames Hall.
  • In March 1915, Hugh was photographed with his half sister and niece back in Lafayette, Indiana.
  • Wm. H. Irwin first appears in Des Moines in 1915 and Hugh Hall disappears from Pueblo.
  • Elsie Ames Hall appears in 1920, 30 and 40 censuses without a husband and her occupation says "none". The 1940 census tells that Elsie had completed four years of high school. Lutie, at age 25, had only completed eighth grade.
  • We assume that Hugh lived in Des Moines as William Irvine or William H. Irwin from 1915 to his death in 1944.

Even more about what we know about Hugh (plus what we don't know):

  • Hugh's death in February 1944 was in Des Moines as William Irvine. His obituary in Lafayette, IN was as William H. Irwin, and he was buried as H. Hall Irwin.
  • Social Security Death Index tells that Elsie Ames Hall died in Pueblo 15 May 1968, and that she was born 1 October 1886. She apparently never re-married.
  • Lutie Hall died in Pueblo in July 1981 apparently never having married and was never employed.

Can someone please explain

  • What happened to Hugh's father, Hugh Hall Sr.?
  • WHY his stone says H. Hall Irwin? His surname was NOT Irwin. We know that he died in Des Moines, Iowa and had taken the alias William H. Irwin at some point.
  • Why did Hugh, leave his second wife and infant daughter and start using the aliases at the same time?
  • Why was daughter, Lutie, not mentioned in his obituary?

Photos and obituaries on this page are compliments of Bonnie Dinsmore Riordan, a great granddaughter of Emeline. Please contact Bonnie if you have additional information on Emeline or the Buschman family.

Lyndon Irwin and Jim Irwin visited Spring Vale Cemetery in October 2009 to photograph the graves. All three are in section 29, plot 50.

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