Lowe family of Moundville

 Reverend I. L. Lowe came to Moundville in about 1908. He did not live in Moundville too long but this page is created because he was both a minister at the Methodist Church and he also taught at and owned Cooper College. Prior to coming to Moundville, Dr. Lowe had held a number of educational positions with well known institutions.


 Rev. Dr. Isaac L. Lowe


  • Was born in October 1847 in New Jersey, son of Isaac and Hannah B. Lowe
  • Was married to C. Ella King on July 6, 1881 in Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Graduate of Amherst, Massachusetts
  • PhD from Wooster
  • DD (Dr. of Divinity) Heidelberg University, Ohio in 1893
  • Taught at Claflin University in South Carolina
  • Vice President at New Orleans University
  • Vice President at Nebraska Wesleyan
  • President of George R. Smith College in Sedalia Missouri 1903



Photo from Sedalia Weekly Conservator, 1903. 

George R. Smith College was a college affiliated with the Methodist church in Sedalia, MO.

Advertisement for Smith College in 1903, when Rev. Lowe had just arrived.

Cooper College was located in Moundville, Missouri. Professor Miles had been President for several years. But in 1908 ill health caused Professor Miles to trade the building to Reverend Lowe. Soon the college was losing money and by 1911, it was sold to the Moundville community and was then used as the public school for many years.

Reverend Lowe was first mentioned around Moundville when he preached a funeral for 5 year old Annis Terpening on July 24, 1908.

Reverend Dr. Lowe then became the minister for the Moundville Methodist Church from September 1908 to March 1908.

This image is lifted from a group photo taken of students and faculty at Cooper College in 1908. Upper right is Dr. I. L. Lowe.

By 1910, Rev. Lowe had left Moundville and was the Methodist minister in Sterling, Nebraska. He was also widowed by then.

By 1920, he had moved to Sulphur Springs, Arkansas where he was teaching in the public schools at the age of 79.

Dr. Lowe died January 9, 1929 and was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

This image is lifted from the same group photo. The young man with a 3 above his head is Lawrence Lowe, who was said to be I. L. Lowe's nephew. The one with the number 2 above her is identified as Jessie.

Jessie was mentioned in a program at the Moundville Christian Church one Friday evening in October 1908. It was noted that music for the evening was provided by Mrs. Norman Grubbs and Miss Jessie Lowe. A cornet solo was performed by Prof. Lowe.

The next Wednesday evening Miss Jessie Lowe and Prof. Lowe were among those who took a hay ride down to Bronaugh to attend a Revival at the Methodist Church.

The 1900 federal census lists Jessie as the adopted daughter of I. L. and Ella Lowe.

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