Moundville Lutheran Church

For many years, there was an Evangelical Lutheran Church in Moundville. It closed in the 1950's.

Negative from the Ott Saathoff collection.

left: The Moundville Lutheran Church, built 1911

above: Lutheran Church in later years.

Lutheran Confirmation Class (we think)

Larry Maffett shared the undated photo that I assume is a confirmation class at the Lutheran Church. We do not have dates or identifications. We just know that the photo was taken by Ott Saathoff.

Moundville Confirmation Class, June, 1914

The Church register lists the following as being confirmed that day: Vernie Katherine Weber, Frank Curtis Weber, Mary Magdalene Weber, Gertrude Katherine Zilliox, Lucy Elizabeth Zilliox, Albert Carl Kuhlman, John George Saathoff (back row right), Otto Johnson Saathoff (back row left), John Fredrich Saathoff (back row 2nd from left). I think the name of the minister on the right is G. P. Krebs.

I have located the records of the church and many of them are in German. I have translated many of them and listed them below.

Follow this link to see the Moundville Lutheran births that were recorded between 1896 and 1915.

Here are the Moundville Lutheran confirmations.

Here are the Moundville Lutheran deaths.

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