McCullough family of Moundville

Kathryn Gagliardi writes that her grandmother was born in Moundville. Her maiden name was Hattie Mae McCullough, b. 29 Jul 1878. She was the daughter of Henry Jackson and Nancy Rebecca McCullough. Nancy Rebecca died in Jefferson City on 30 July 1952.

In Moore Cemetery, Nevada, MO, is Henry McCullough (1855 - 1940) and wife Mollie (1852-1934).

In the same cemetery is a Henry J. McCullough whose dates are 1885 - 1955.

There is a Rebecca McCullough who died in 1860 in Harrison Township of "congestive chill" at age 52 and an Albert McCullough who died the same year of the fever at age 28. There are also later mentions of a Millie or Mollie McCullough and a Delilah McCullough.

Kathryn notes that the Rebecca who died in 1860 is a member of the family of Albert, Mollie and Delilah She is working on the relationships because they were all in that same area of Vernon County.

As you can see, there are many opportunities for confusion in researching this family.

Contact us if you know more about this family. If anyone has photo scans of any of these McCulloughs, we would like to add them to build this web page.

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