Unidentified Moundville and / or Bronaugh Threshing Crew


Thanks to JaWan and Nancy Thompson for sharing this undated photo of a threshing crew that must have been working at Moundville or Bronaugh.

Below are enlargements of faces. I hope we can get everyone identified.

Justin Simpson has recognized his grandfather is Charles Floyd Simpson, 3rd from the left. Justin also notes that some of the men appear to be the same ones who are in the photo that has been identified as Loggers. Justin suggests that if you compare this photo to the logger photo, we may be able to identify others. Since there are some Doores family members among the loggers, they are probably among these also. Is this the Doores thresher and crew?

Who Are they?
Who Are they?

If you can identify any of the men in this crew, please email me.

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